Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

I posted this photo on my Instagram earlier and just wanted to take a minute to talk about it a little more. First, even I was shocked when I looked at this! I guess I need to stop and be more aware of all the progress I've made because I know (like many of you) I can be too hard on myself. The bigger point I want to make is that building muscle and changing your body takes time and a lot of it. You cannot expect to go from being over-weight to fitness model status in 12 weeks. Or under weight to Dana Lynn Bailey just because you're doing an 8 week muscle building program. I personality think this is one of the biggest problems when people embark on fitness journeys- they need results fast and when they don't come, they give up. 

Dont' give up! Even if you mess up, just keep pushing. Whether you've been at this for 6 weeks or 6 years there is always progress to be made and always things to learn and I bet you'd hate to look back and think "What if". I'm no where near where I want to be but I am damn proud of how far I've come, and you should be too! 

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