Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

My. legs. are. so. sore. Holy  moly. I tried my best to do some stair sprints at the gym this morning but I only got through 5 because my legs were on fire. So, I'll have to get in some steady state cardio with the pups later on today which I'm totally fine with. I did end up eating more than usual yesterday because I am still eating in a surplus on legs days, but the rest of the week I'll scale back on portions just a bit. 

Meal 1- Spinach protein shake 
PWO- 2 Vans waffles with banana and syrup and a protein shake
Snack- 1 rice cake on the way to work 
Lunch- Leftover ChopShop Co. Turkey sandwich and sweet potato hash with kale (really want to try to make this at home!) 
Snack- Quest bar (not pictured) 
Dinner #1- chicken and rice 
Dinner #2- Salmon, rice, and green beans 

Although I'm not counting calories/macros every day I did spot check yesterday and this ended up at around 1800 calories... I'll plug my foods in again today and will be shooting for around 1500. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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