Thursday, June 25, 2015

Negative Self Image

Until I started working with women clients on a day to day basis, I didn't realize just how many women suffer from body dysmorphia and/or negative self image. I have so many clients that work their butt off every day, stick to their diet, and achieve awesome weight loss or muscle gain mile stones yet still look at themselves in the mirror in a horribly negative light. 

With all of the social media, magazine, movie images that are stuffed down our throats every day, I can completely understand why this issues exists but I wanted to write this post to encourage each and every one of you to change your thought process. When you look in the mirror instead of first seeing the cellulite you want gone, or the fat under your bra you wish wasn't there, or the lack of muscle in your legs that you've been working so hard to put on, find the positive. So you have cellulite-- but you also have ab definition, or you have skinny quads but boy have you built up those shoulders. By lifting yourself up and looking at your negatives as opportunities instead, I guarantee you will be a happier person, because I myself have made this change. 

If you look at my Instagram how many pictures of my mid section can you find? MAYBE 2 or 3 and those were from right before or right after a photo shoot when I was dieted down and pretty lean. Why? Well because my mid section and lower back is where I store my fat. Everyone has that one place that hold fat first and that leans out first-- its just genetics.  So unless I'm really diligent and really dialed in as far as nutrition and cardio goes my body likes to hold fat in those areas. For so long I compared my abs (or lack thereof) to others I saw on Instagram and guess how that made me feel? Like garbage of course because mine look nothing like theirs. But you know what? As soon as I started changing my mindset and looking for the positive I became a MUCH happier person. When I look at the photo above I see strong, muscular arms that I am so proud of and quad muscles that I have worked my butt off for over the last year. Sure I don't have a crazy ripped mid-section and you know what, chances of that happening probably aren't the best but that doesn't make all the hard work I've put into being a strong, healthy human negligible. 

So next time you look in the mirror and start to pick yourself apart, look for the positive instead and remind yourself you are YOU. You're not the fitness model in the magazine, or the actress on TV (but I guarantee they have their own insecurities) and that's okay. 

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