Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What I Ate Wednesday | Back to Normal

Half way through the week already!? This week is flying by and my to-do list is not getting any shorter, especially with us going out of town again next weekend- yikes! But I did want to share my WIAW today since my meals are back to normal after my shoot. I'm lingering in a lower calorie range for my body just to give myself one more week to get back on track and then I plan to slowly bump it up a bit to more of a maintenance level. I do have my carbs nice and high though (about 50% of my macros) so I have tons of energy and my workouts this week have been great. 

Breakfast- Alexia seasoned hash browns with 3 egg whites, turkey bacon, and nitrate free turkey sausage. 
Post workout- A cup and a half of a new yummy cereal I found at Sprouts mixed with MRM Whey protein and almond/coconut milk blend. 
Snack- Dairy free yogurt with Thomas' English muffin topped with sugar free jelly. 
Lunch- leftovers from the night before, salmon, asparagus and rice. I had the same thing for lunch today, just can't get enough! 
Dinner- Alexia waffle fries with a 96/4 lean ground beef burger and all the fixings 

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Also if you haven't seen it already, my Mexico vacation vlog is up here

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