Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What I Ate Wednesday- Low(er) Carb Day

Not quite sure how it's already Wednesday, but here we are! I have another lower carb WIAW for you guys, I'll do my best to do a normal day next week or later this week so you can see the difference between the two. Like I mentioned in my last video, I'm down two lower days as far as carbs go but keeping my overall calories the same. When I say 'low carb' I'm still eating about 120g of carbs on low days and closer to 180g on normal days and I've definitely been leaning out a bit more in my mid section over the past week or so. I do want to note carb cycling or doing higher and lower carb days is not really something you should start doing right off the bat, I suggest you have a really good handle on counting macros, have a high carb and calorie threshold, and also know how to do it responsibly- aka not going extreme.

I'm going to be doing a whole video dedicated to everything you need to know about macros, so stay tuned for that! 

Meal 1- On lower carb days I get to have a whole egg in my breakfast which is always awesome! I had a piece of Daves Killer thin sliced bread, 1 whole egg, 4 egg whites and 2 pieces of turkey bacon. 

Snack- Lactaid cottage cheese with peanut butter and cinnamon and a banana muffin. 

Lunch- 1 can of tuna with pickles and onions and a few almonds. 

Snack- Xtreme Wellness wrap with Boars head chicken, wholly guacamole, lettuce, and jalepenos. 

Dinner- Chili on a bed of shredded lettuce with hot sauce 

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  1. Your giveaway could not be more perfectly timed! I have been wanting to incorporate BCAA into my regimen and just started looking into MRM, since I love the protein power, and viola! Crossing my fingers! PS looking forward to the macro video as this is still something I struggle with. Thanks!


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