Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What I Ate Wednesday + Buffalo Chicken Roll Up Recipe

It's that time again! A peek into my my day, when it comes to food anyway. These are actually my meals from Monday because I forgot to snap a couple from yesterday, not that it really matters. Anyway, I've been waking up super bloated the last few mornings and I can't figure out what's going on, but it's making it hard for me to gauge progress. I hold most of my fat in my mid section and lower back/love handle area so it's typically there that I see most change when I'm trying to cut fat. I'm going to leave my macros the same for at least the rest of this week and hopefully the issue clears up on its own and I'll be able to figure out if I need to make adjustments or not. B on the other hand (who is doing my 10 week program too) is down another 2 pounds as of this morning-- so proud! 

Breakfast- The usual breakfast, 2 pieces Dave Killer thin sliced bread, Applegate turkey sausage, 3 egg whites with veggies and ketchup. Post picture I lathered by bread with coconut oil and Splenda sweetened jelly.
PWO-Post workout shake with 1 cup of fruit, coconut milk, and MRM Whey Protein
Lunch- My new favorite lunch ever: rice, salsa chicken, pinto beans and Wholly guacamole. I squeeze a bunch of lime on top and cover it in Cholula of course. It's super yummy and very filling. 
Snack- I divided my snack up because I was still kind of full from my lunch. I ate my SoDelicious yogurt at home and then put my banana protein muffin in my purse and ended up eating that just as I was pulling up to the gym to train clients. 
Dinner- Buffalo chicken roll ups with baked zucchini 

Here's how I made the roll ups: 

3 large chicken breasts 
1 1/2 cups Franks Buffalo Sauce, divided 
Olive Oil Spray
Reduced fat provolone cheese (optional) 

1. Place chicken breasts in crackpot and cover with 1 cup buffalo sauce, or until the breasts are completely covered. Cook on low for 5-6 hours and then shred. 
2. Spoon about 3 oz of chicken onto the left side of a Flat Out wrap and lay strips of cheese across the chicken if desired. 
3. Roll the wrap up as tightly as possible and place on a prepared baking sheet seam side down. 
4. Spray the top of the roll up with an olive oil mist and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or until the tops of the wraps start to brown. 
5. Dip in plain greek yogurt if desired. 


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