Monday, February 29, 2016

Grocery Haul + Shopping List

Well we just wrapped up week 2 of Get Lean with Little B and as soon as I finish up some client emails this morning I'm going to get a little food prep done to make sure we are ready for another successful week! I'm asked often about grocery shopping, what I buy, how I know what to buy, etc. so I'm going to share my process with you guys. 

First, I come up with our dinners for the week (on weekends we either do leftovers or make a special trip to the grocery store.) This week I chose 4 different meals because I know Wednesday night we are doing our first 'official' cheat meal for dinner. So the dinner menu this week is: 

Baked buffalo chicken roll-ups with zucchini 
Homemade flatbread pizza 
Ground bison bowls with sweet potato 
Grilled chicken with broccoli tots and brussel sprouts 

Then from there, I will start my grocery list based off of the items that I'll need to make these dinners. Once I have those down, I move onto breakfast items, lunch, and snack foods to complete my list. 

Here's what I ended up with this week (I'll try my best to go from left to right) 

Carbs: Oats, cream of wheat, Daves Killer bread- regular and thin sliced, rice cakes, flat out wraps, english muffins, rice, sweet potato, beans, blueberries, and apples. 

Veggies: celery, green onion, onion, jalepeno, tomato, asparagus, broccoli

Protein: Chicken, bison, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, eggs, Boars head deli chicken, turkey jerky, protein bars for B and yogurt for B. 

Other: Franks red hot, spices, cheese (B), marinara sauce, Powerade Zero, Kombucha, almond/coconut milk (SO good!) and sugar free chocolate chips for baking. 

I also made a quick trip to Sprouts for these items: 

Kettle Baked chips are such a macro gem-- For 20 chips there's only 3g of fat! You hardly ever find this in a chip so they're an A+ in my book. Then we got some skinny pop popcorn, again great macros and perfect for night time munchies that don't break the macro bank. I was looking for the Flat Out flat bread pizza crusts but they didn't have them so I got these whole grain lavash flat breads instead and they only have 27g of carbs with 4g of fiber I believe so they will definitely do the trick for pizza night. Then I also grabbed peanut butter because I forgot it during my regular grocery trip and then dairy free cottage cheese and yogurt. 

And that does it! I'm going to get my buffalo chicken in the crock pot now so that it's ready for dinner and also bake up some sweet potatoes and banana muffins so I have those for easy snacks to eat while training clients. 

Hope you found this helpful! 


  1. That sounds awesome! Can you share how you make the baked buffalo chicken rolls? I just made a bunch of buffalo chicken in the crock pot myself.


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