Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Check In!

Week 1 Day 3- back/biceps of GLWLB is in the books! Tomorrow we will be doing the HIIT/Abs day and then we will wrap up on Sunday with the second leg day. As we have been all week, B and I both struggled with the new rep range and by the last exercise of the workout we  were lifting baby weights and still dying! I had all kinds of crazy veins popping out which is definitely a plus side to doing high rep workouts- love that pump. 

We are also adjusting to adding cardio back into our lives. To be honest I haven't done consistent cardio since my last photo shoot which was nearly 2 years ago, so I'm pretty excited to see what kinds of changes I can make while just adding a little bit back in at a time. I'm interested to see how sprints go tomorrow, I have a feeling I won't be running at a 10 on an incline like I used to...

I'm also back to counting macros and B is counting for the first time ever (well, perhaps I should say I'm doing the counting and he's doing the eating) and so far we are both doing really well. I think it's probably a much bigger adjustment for him since he's used to eating out during the day, but it makes me so happy to see him committed and willing to do this with me over the next 10 weeks! 

I think that wraps up my check in, I'm off to eat my snack and work on client meal plans until it's time to go see a movie. Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. Finished up week 1 on Friday and OH MY SORENESS!!! I like you and B am struggling with the higher rep range. By the end I find myself also lifting baby weight. Blah! It is such a hard mental game after finally getting to higher weight amounts. Ego LOL. The am also not following the recommended calorie amount the program suggests. I am keeping mine a little higher at least in the beginning if not for the whole program. After doing James Wilson programs for so long I finally got up to a higher number of calories especially fats and CARBS!!!! which has done my body a lot of good. I have dropped my carbs the most, about 50-60 grams and that REALLT has made a HUGH difference strength wise. Also, I have not done serious cardio in about a year and a half and I literally died. HITT was sad, but i got through it. The regulars who are my friends saw me doing cardio and laughed saying I looked like I was hating life and completely miserable ( I was LOL!). However, I haven't had this musch soreness in a long time and I am actually happy for it. Lets me know this is going to be a great program. Here's looking forward to W2 on MOnday :0). YAY!!!

  2. Completed W1 on Friday and OH MY SORENESS!!!! Like you and B I struggled this first week with the higher reps and also found my self with baby weights by the end of each session. Kinda a blow to my ego LOL! The cardio has been tough for me as well. Since doing James Wislons program grow I probably haven't done serious cardio in over a year. HITT almost killed me and the steady state I did anywhere from 25-30 minutes was deathly. SAD I know :0P. The regulars know my disdain for Cardio and sad I looked completely miserable (which I was haha) but I did it! I also am not going as low as the program suggests for macros, at least for the begging and possible throughout the whole program. However, I have dropped my lovely carbs (that I had gotten super HIGH with James help) about 50-60grams. That alone REALLY made a difference in my strength and endurance this week. ALos dropped fats but upped my protein which had be lowered. All in all I must say that I have not felt this sore in a long while and I am actually enjoying the feeling and this lets me know this program is going to be AWESOME!!!! Here's to a great WEEK 2!!!!!!!!!!!


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