Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Leg Workout with Glute Emphasis + Video

Hey Guys! Busy day today so I don't have much time to chat but I did want to share the workout we did this morning with you. It's a leg workout that may not seem too hard on paper but I kid you not I could hardly walk out of the gym this morning. I also videoed one of the exercises for you so you can have a visual on how to do the hip thrust drop sets. I think because of the angle of this video you can't really see my full hip extension but if you watch me do hip thrusts in this video you'll see how much I push through the hips to really get a squeeze at the top of the motion. 

5 Minute warmup on spin bike 
Leg press wide stance toes pointed slightly outward 4 x 12 
Hip thrust drop sets 3 sets each with 2 drops. First round 10 reps, second round 8 reps, third round 10 reps. 
Reverse banded hack squat 4 x 12 
Leg extensions 4 x 12 
Banded lateral walks 3 x 15 

Good luck!! 

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  1. Hi!
    Love your blogs and great information! I wanted to see if you have a day in life blog or video. Im curious what you eat and when. Also, when your supplements are taken as well. Im trying to find the right things to eat before gym in the way early morning and after as well as all day long. Thanks! :)


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