Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Are You Really Committed?

After having a discussion with a friend this morning over what workout plan she should start following I had a realization. (That I'm obviously going to share with you right now.) I've trained a lot of people over the past few years both online and in person and it's overly apparent to me success has little to do with the actual plan you're following and more with the fact that you're following something. Of course workout plans can be designed in a way to help you better achieve goals whether that's muscle building, leaning out, endurance, etc. but you can have the best most personalized plan in the world and if you're not committed to it, you're not going to succeed. 

Change comes from pushing yourself farther than what's comfortable. It's going to the gym when you want to stay in bed. It's taking a deep breath and pounding out two extra reps when you really want to stop. It's not having the bun with your burger because it doesn't fit your macros. None of these things are fun or ideal but boundaries must be pushed to see change. 

I put the photo above in this post because it shows me working out my chest which is not my favorite thing to do, BUT it's part of my plan. I know that with a stronger chest I will create a more balanced physique and also help strengthen and build my shoulders and triceps more too. Every day chest day comes around I cringe a bit because I just don't enjoy it quite as much as other days, but I push through anyway because of commitment to my personal goals. 

Take a minute today to stop and ask yourself if you're really committed to what you're doing or if you've been taking short cuts around the uncomfortable things, then make a change! It's never too late to create new habits :) 

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