Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Meal Prep + Grocery List

Happy Monday and Happy November! I can't believe it- does anyone else feel like July was last month? November is going to be a busy month for us with 2 charity dinners, a baptism, an engagement party, my birthday, and Thanksgiving so staying on top of nutrition and workouts is going to be really important. In fact, November and December are in my opinion the most important months to focus on your fitness goals because there's almost no getting around all the sweets, dinners, holiday parties etc. It's important to be able to enjoy these events but if you let your day to day nutrition/workouts slip and then add all the holiday extras on top of that you're setting yourself up for a rough start to the New Year. On the other hand if you set some goals for yourself, maybe even start a new program or repeat one you've liked in the past, indulging a bit throughout the holidays isn't going to have a big impact. 

With that said, I actually skipped the meal prep company this week (okay fine I forgot to order) so I made sure to head it to the grocery store today since our fridge was looking pretty bare this morning. I'm asked all the time about my grocery list so I figured today was a perfect day to share what a typical grocery trip looks like. This week I've planned to make chicken enchilada soup, Salmon with spinach and rice, and turkey meatballs so I made sure to shop for all the ingredients I'd need for those plus breakfast items and snacks. 

Here's a breakdown of what you see above (left to right): 

Meats: lean ground turkey, chicken breasts, salmon 
Daves Killer Bread- this is the Power Seed but they're all good 
2 Cold pressed juices 
Cheerios Ancient Grains for post leg day- I usually get the protein Cheerios but I wanted to try something new 
Wine because... wine. 
Almond/Cashew milk blend- haven't tried this either but I like both separately so I figured this would be good. 
Spinach and Romaine lettuce 
Enchilada sauce, black beans, onion, and diced tomatoes for the soup 
Sugar free jelly 
Pre-cut butternut squash- I like to bake this and then mash it up with cinnamon 
Met-Rx bars for B and the evol burrito for him too 
Boars Head Ever roast chicken-- This is SO good! By far my favorite deli meat 
SO Delicious 90 calorie mini ice cream sandwiches 
Powerade Zero 

As soon as I had everything put away I got started with some prep. I have the enchilada soup in the crock pot as we speak and I just pulled the muffins out of the oven. The soup recipe is super easy-- literally just throw all of this in the crock pot: 3 chicken breasts, onion, black beans, diced tomato, corn, 15 oz enchilada sauce, 2 cups chicken broth- that's it! Cook for 6 hours on low and shred the chicken before serving. The recipe for the muffins is ready for posting so I'll definitely have that up this week. Check back tomorrow for a quick and effective 30 minute shoulder workout! 

Did you guys meal prep for the week? If so leave some of your favorites in the comments below! 


  1. I've been in a soup mood this week also and prepped stuffed pepper soup and beef stew! In addition, I made crock pot chicken and roasted sweet potatoes and rutabaga To go with it.

    1. That all sounds awesome! I have a beef stew recipe saved that I can't wait to try!


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