Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back Workout

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was back day for us and I woke up really feeling it today so I thought I would share what we did. But before I do, I wanted to share a little tip that I shared on my Instagram about how to have a more effective back workout-- 

You must have mind muscle connection otherwise chances are you will be using your arms to move the weight. Always engage your back first, then move your arms to complete the rep. It usually helps to have someone take a photo or video of you doing a back exercise like lat pull down or seated row so that it's easier for you to visualize the muscles working as you do the movement (Something I'm definitely still working on!)

Here you go! 

Stiff leg deadlifts- 2 warm up sets and 4 working sets of 12 reps 
High row machine (photo in bottom right) 3 x 12 
Pulldowns on cable crossover (top photo) 4 x 12 super set seated row 4 x 12 
Low pulley rope row (bottom left photo) 4 x 12 
Single arm dumbbell row 3 x 12 super set bent over row 3 x 10 

We threw in some stair sprints at the end and called it a day! Hope you enjoy :) 

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