Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mini Food Prep

Hey there and happy middle of the week! (I hate the word humpday, anyone else?) I actually can't believe it's already Wednesday, life is just flying by I tell ya. Anyway I realized I hadn't really prepped much for the week so before I head in to train clients this evening I decided to do a mini prep to get us through the rest of the week and some of the weekend. Some of you asked for more details on how I'm changing my diet now that I'm circuit training besides just "cleaning it up" as I mentioned here. As you know I don't really track macros diligently but since I did for a long time in the past, I'm pretty good at eyeballing and knowing my portions. 

With that said, basically on the 3-4 days that we are circuit training I know that my goal is not to build muscle but to keep my heart rate up and burn some calories so I make sure my nutrition reflects that. On these days instead of having carbs with every meal of the day I'm cutting back to carbs in 3 of my meals. This obviously reduces the number of carbs I'm eating (since I don't need as much as I do for muscle building) but it also reduces my overall calories somewhere in the range of 200-400. Then, on days that I'm doing legs (2-3x a week) I know my goal is to build so I make sure to get my carbs in with every meal so that I have enough carbs and calories to build. So, I guess you can say I'm doing somewhat of a carb cycle BUT my overall calories are still pretty high even on low days because let's be honest who wants to feel like they're hungry all the time? Not me! 

So here's what I threw together for the rest of the week (obviously we will eat more than this but these are good as staples). 

Top left- grilled chicken with mesquite seasoning. I'll use this for pretty much everything from wraps, salads, in my eggs and also just plain with some jalapeno ketchup. 

Top middle- my buffalo chicken meatballs. I love these with brown rice! 

Top right- roasted red potatoes that will be used for breakfast or to accompany chicken. 

Bottom- Jamie Easons lemon protein bars for snacks and to eat in the early morning before our circuit workouts. 

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