Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Progress and Perfection

I wrote a blog a couple weeks ago about women and negative self image, and today I wanted to touch on another aspect of that- perfection. All too often I see clients that get so down on themselves because they snuck a cookie or had a cheat meal they didn't plan on or missed a workout. I'm here to tell you that progress does not just come from perfection. Progress comes when you dedicate yourself, over time, to this lifestyle. It comes with consistency. 

Health and fitness should be one of many positive components to your life but unfortunately it often ends up causing negativity, body shaming, and this quest for perfection that doesn't exist. Remind yourself that you are not a failure because you missed a workout, in fact there will be many many many more times in your future that you miss workouts-- but that doesn't negate all the workouts you did complete. You haven't failed because you ate a cookie, you've succeeded because day in and day out you hit your macros pretty darn close.

I'm not saying there's no need to hold yourself accountable, because of course you want to reach the goals you've set. But I do want to remind you that you should be HAPPY as a result of a workout. You should feel GOOD and energized after eating a healthy meal. Don't ever let something that should bring positivity to your life bring you down instead. 

Remember: consistency, not perfection. 


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