Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Catchin' Up on a Tuesday

Hey guys! Just thought I would do a little catch up post before I head back to the gym for my afternoon clients today. Things are great here in the inferno of Arizona.... Yes that says 114 degrees on Thursday and Friday- yikes. Super thankful we are getting out of here on Friday and heading to the beach, this trip definitely couldn't have come at a better time! 

Like I've mentioned before, we have been keeping our meals pretty simple lately- lots of chicken and rice, turkey and veggies etc. We pretty much always have chicken prepped in the fridge and lately I've been obsessed with adding chicken into my eggs. Might sound a little weird (in more than one way) but it is so yummy especially when you throw in a couple extra veggies and dip in jalapeƱo ketchup which is also to die for. Food wise we've also been doing a lot of salads and green juices too, obviously trying harder to get our veggies in! 

Beyond getting veggies in I've clearly been getting my carbs and glute workouts in-- I came across the picture on the left which I believe is from about a year ago and when I compared it to the photo on the right (yesterday) I was so shocked. I know I've always preached this but make sure you guys are always taking progress photos even though it may seem silly at the time it really can be a big confidence booster (or reality check) down the road. 

I'll be scrambling the rest of the week to make sure clients have everything they need before I head out on vacation but will try my best to get a WIAW post up tomorrow and as always will keep you in the loop on Instagram and now on Periscope too! If you haven't downloaded that app it's super fun and hopefully we can chat on there soon! 

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