Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday- Date Night!

Hi there! Something crazy happened yesterday, I actually remembered to take food photos all day, woohoo! I'm really glad I did because it actually looks a little different than my typical What I Ate Wednesday posts since last night was our anniversary and I knew we would be eating out. As you know I don't track my macros daily but since I have tracked for so long I'm really good at a mix of keeping track in my head and eating intuitively. 

Since I knew I would be using a ton of calories for dinner I kept the rest of my day pretty light so that I could splurge at dinner without doing any damage or waking up feeling bloated and blah. 

Breakfast: 2 slices Daves Killer Bread with scrambled egg whites, tomato, and bacon- Kind of like a breakfast BLT minus the L :) 

PWO: Shake with MRM protein powder, spinach, cashew milk, and a banana. 

Lunch: Simple shrimp salad topped with Simply Dressed dressing-- I LOVE this dressing because it tastes so good and unlike most dressings it's really low in fat and overall calories. 

Snack: 3 pumpkin protein bread squares and a glass of cashew milk because I'm obsessed with it. 

Dinner: We went to Bryan's favorite restaurants House of Tricks in Tempe. We started with bread and butter (why is butter so good!?), ahi tuna tartar appetizer, and then I got a chicken dish with a grapefruit salsa, cauliflower, all on top a bed of couscous with some sort of sauce on the very bottom. 

It was all so tasty and a great way to celebrate 6 years together :) Today I'm off to get in a heavy leg day, follow up with online clients and then I'll head to the gym later to train my afternoon clients- pretty typical Wednesday. Make it a great one!! 

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