Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bicep and Tricep Workout

Today is such a busy day but I promised yesterday on Instagram I would share the workout that has my arms so sore still so here it is! 

After a quick warmup: 

Skull crushers 3 x 12 super set close grip bench press 3 x 12 (40lbs) 
V bar pushdowns 4 x 10 (40lbs)  super set dips 4 x failure 
Reverse single arm pushdown 4 x 12 (10lbs)  last set drop set to failure 
Barbell curls 4 x 10 (40lbs) super set rope hammer curls 4 x 10 (20lbs) 
Incline dumbell curls in unison 3 x 12 (12lbs) 
Machine preacher curl 4 x 12 last set drop set to failure (30 lbs) 

I included the weight I use because I'm always asked, but please make sure you choose a weight that is appropriate for you and your fitness level! 


  1. Wow its amazing to see you such a hard work you have done to make this. Thanks for such a useful and healthy blog.

  2. why you dont try workout with power rack?


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