Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter + A Look Inside My Fridge

Hello and Happy belated Easter! Hopefully all of you had a great day with your families and ate lots of yummy food, I know I did! It was a beautiful day here in Arizona so we spent most of the day outside watching all the dogs go crazy and Easter egg hunting-- and yes you better believe I still participate. 

Both my family and B's were able to spend the afternoon together eating lots and lots (and lots) of awesome food. The full spread looked like this: Honey Baked Ham, potato salad, pasta salad, artichoke salad, rolls, green beans, deviled eggs, green salad and sweet potatoes. YUM. 

I have a break between my clients today and I will definitely be heading over to my parents for Easter round 2 this evening!

After hitting the gym this morning for shoulders, triceps, and sprints (yes you read that right, I did 10 whole sprints today!) we went grocery shopping and then I went to town getting food ready for the week. I've mentioned before we are trying to do better with eating out during the week and with a trip to Napa coming up on Friday I wanted to make sure we were set to eat at home all week before our trip. I kept it really simple with turkey, eggs, and chicken for proteins, sweet potato, brown rice and english muffins for carbs, and then artichokes, asparagus and salads for veggies. I made a burrito bowl for lunch today and think I'll go with a chicken salad for dinner later and a few chocolate covered almonds for dessert ;) Hopefully a peek inside my fridge is helpful for you when it comes to shopping and getting ready for your week! 

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  1. Love your fridge. You have everything all organized. I need to keep my fridge like yours. It makes eating healthy easier.


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