Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Look at me I'm on a roll this week- I finally remember to take photos of all my food yesterday! It was leg day (as you may be able to tell from all the food) so I always try to consciously increase my carbs even more than usual since I'm still on a mission to build up my very stubborn glutes. I bust my butt in the gym and I have to make sure that my nutrition is supporting my goals as well, so as you can see I eat to grow and I think slowly but surely it's paying off. 

Starting with breakfast and going clockwise: 

- 3 whites and 1 whole egg, turkey bacon, Thomas' Oatmeal English Muffin (seriously so good) and a couple strawberries that are finally sweet again! 
- Post workout was Cheerios with MRM protein powder and almond milk 
- Then I had a bowl of my chicken pasta salad as a little snack 
- Lunch was simple but good, rotisserie chicken, basmati rice, and asparagus 
- On the way to train my evening clients I stopped and grabbed a juice. This was spinach, kale, parsley, cucumber, lemon, lime, and half an apple. YUM. 
- For dinner we went out to celebrate a friends birthday and I got roasted chicken with couscous and a grapefruit salsa. Sounds like a bit of an odd pairing but it was delish. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a workout for you! 


  1. I've noticed that you've been eating differently recently. Can you explain why you made the switch away from gluten free? I'd be interested to know how you made that transition, as someone who prefers to eat gluten free. Thanks!

    1. I did allergy testing about this time last year and it turned out I had 'grown out' of my gluten allergy. So I started slowly introducing it back into my diet and have been perfectly fine! I've found adding the huge array of foods that contain gluten into my diet has not only provided a lot of variety but I'm overall much happier with the way my body looks, I think because I'm eating a lot more carbs.


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