Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Back Workout

I incorporated a few different back exercises into my workout yesterday morning and woke up feeling super sore (in the best way possible of course) so thought I would share! Remember when you're working your back you have to really focus on that mind muscle connection. Always have slow and controlled movements and pause and squeeze those shoulder blades together and then really open up those lats. I so often see people at the gym with really terrible form when performing back exercises- typically either going too heavy or doing a lot of swinging, so don't do that! I listed the weight I used below since I'm always asked, but remember to go at your own pace and don't move your weight up until you feel you can do so safely.

Straight leg dead lifts 4 x 10 - go heavy! (I used 105 lbs) 
Low row machine- 4 x 10 (50 lbs)
Bent over barbell row 4 x 10 (55 lbs) 
Seated row with wide grip attachment- 3 x 12 (60 lbs)
Pulldowns on cable machine- 4 x 10 (50 lbs on 2 sets and 40 lbs on 2 sets)
High rows on lat pulldown machine 4 x 10 super set stair sprints- 30 seconds (45lbs) 



  1. Luvena CervantesMarch 3, 2015 at 7:08 PM

    Hey girl first your back looks AWESOME!!! Wondering what is low row machine and also if it ever possible I would love a video of wide grip rows. I always have a hard time figuring what is a good width and how far to pull back. Also I am assuming your pulldownw where just regular lat pulldowns? Sorry for all the questions.

    1. i think these pulldowns are different Luvena :) I incorporated much of this workout with one of little b's previous back/bicep workouts and did these while standing, arms straight....

    2. Thanks Luvena! Low row machine is a Hammer Strength machine-http://www.exercise.wsu.edu/resistance/display.aspx?id=347

      I can definitely try to get a photo or video of the wide grip rows, and no not regular pulldowns. I use the free motion cable machine and sit down on my knees and pull down. Same motion as regular pulldowns put you're holding two separate handles, not a bar.

  2. i opened this email in b/t sets at the gym...i was working on one of your other back/bi workouts so today I combined the two!!! loved it! thanks! :)

  3. Nice back. Thanks for giving me motivation after a long break. I love the workout routine. The bent over barbell row is the toughest for me. You are my motivation. Thanks.

  4. Your back looks ammmazing!!!!



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