Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I'm Eating Lately

Instead of a What I Ate Wednesday post I realized I have a bunch of random food photos in my phone so we'll call this a What I Ate In The Past Two Weeks Or So post :) 

Let's go top to bottom, left to right: 

- Veggie omelette with Thomas' Oatmeal English Muffin
- Pei Wei! Here's how I order it: Teriyaki bowl (because this one has the most veggies) with no sauce, steamed shrimp, brown rice. 
- Protein Cheerios- my go-to post leg day treat 
- Egg white crepes (just egg whites and protein powder) with microwaved blueberries mixed with stevia 
- The most AMAZING cucumber wrapped sushi rolls. Inside was salmon, tuna, and avocado 
- Homemade grilled salmon with basmati rice and green beans 
- Chiptole, duh :) I get 1/2 pork 1/2 chicken with rice, corn, lettuce and mild salsa 
- Grilled chicken and basmati rice 
- Shredded chicken tacos with lettuce, tomato, jalepeno and hot sauce on a low carb whole wheat tortilla 

I'm always asked for different food ideas so hopefully this is helpful! 


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