Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pushing Through When You Don't Want To

After writing my post yesterday I was supposed to get to the grocery store, unpack, do laundry and go to the gym before I trained my evening clients. I did everything as planned except the gym- I was so exhausted from not sleeping well the night before and just recovering from traveling that I didn't have it in me. I told myself I would get my workouts in the rest of the week and plopped down on the couch instead. Then as I was driving to work I realized that was exactly the point of having goals- so that they're there to push you when you don't want to push yourself. So, when I realized I was going to have a break between clients I capitalized on that time with a shoulder workout. Was it the best workout ever? No, but it got done and I'm nice and sore today so in my book, thats a win! 

Like I mentioned, I also hit the grocery store and wanted to make sure I had a plan for the rest of the week as far as meals go. Lately, we've kind of just been picking up food for no rhyme or reason and just kind of throwing things together and I want to get back to making a list and shopping with purpose. So, this week we are having salmon with green beans and veggies, sheppards pie, shredded chicken tacos, and grilled chicken to eat with rice or stuffed in these little whole grain pita pockets we found. 

Yes, that is the infamous enchilada soup that I still need to share the recipe for... 

And last but not least, I was inspired by our hotel breakfast while on vacation where they made some awesome omelets so I made one with our usual egg scramble ingredients- onion, green onion, jalepenos, and zucchini. Paired this with a whole grain english muffin and was stuffed all morning! 

I'm drinking my pre workout as we speak and I'm off to leg day and then a big fat bowl of protein Cheerios! 


  1. Not sure if my comment went through! Curious what protein cheerios are? Sounds amazinggg! Also, do you just put a standard jam on your english muffins? I've been looking for a less sugary replacement - thanks!

    1. Protein Cheerios are just a newer variety of Cherrios that are higher in protein :) For my jelly I use Smuckers that is sweetened with Truvia but it's kind of hard to find!


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