Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

So proud of myself for actually taking photos of all my meals-- I've definitely fallen off track with my WIAW posts mostly because believe it or not it's darn hard to remember to photograph every meal especially when there are 5-6 a day! Anyway, yesterday was leg day and as I've mentioned before although I've dropped calories a bit to get ready for our trip next month, I'm keeping them higher on leg days. This helps give me enough energy to have a long heavy workout and also provides the calories and carbs I need to repair, recover and grow. 

Here's what my day looked like:

Breakfast: Whole wheat English Muffin with egg whites, spinach, onion, jalapeno, and turkey bacon
PWO: Pumpkin, spinach and banana protein shake
1 hour post workout: Tacos on whole wheat tortillas with pinto beans, chicken, lettuce and hot sauce 
Lunch: Leftovers which were just chicken, veggies, and brown rice 
Around 4pm: I had a late lunch so I didn't expect to be hungry but turned out I was starving so I had half of a Chipotle bowl 
Dinner: a cup of my homemade chicken enchilada soup that I will have posted here on the blog tomorrow! 

I also wanted to remind everyone the coupon code "Brittany" will get you 40% off everything on the MRM site! For a blog covering the supplements I use from MRM click here


  1. MMM wow!! I have missed your foods. It always looks soooo good. I mentioned to you on FB how I am slowly working on incorporating different foods that are slightly not so clean so I am wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing brands of your bread products? Also what is the calorie difference you make for leg days if you don't mind? I am trying to figure out how much more to have on leg days cause I think this has a lot to do with me not building enough muscle are getting stronger ESPECIALLY with squats. My squats are just make me sad. Thanks girl!!!

  2. How many calories a day are you consuming on average?


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