Monday, January 5, 2015

Back at it in 2015!

Whew, we made it! Was it just me or did the last 2 weeks seem to last forever (in the best way possible of course)? Either way I think we're all ready to get back into routine and start hitting those goals we've set. I will admit, after having a very hard time sleeping last night I definitely slept about an hour past my alarm this morning, but I will still be hitting Monday leg day-- just a little later than I had anticipated. 

I was looking through photos on my phone and realized I've had some good looking meals the last couple of days that can easily be re-created in your own kitchen. Above is an open faced egg sandwich from one of my favorite healthy to-go restaurant, ChopShop Co. I did make a couple changes to the original and came up with this: egg whites, arugula, turkey, and avocado on a whole wheat bagel- then of course I topped it off with lots of hot sauce. 

I also made a quick but super filling salad for dinner last night after getting home late from the grocery store. Here's what I threw in the bowl: mixed greens, tomato, roasted corn, avocado, turkey bacon, and shredded chicken and I topped this with 1 T of Newman's Own Oil and Vinegar dressing.

And this morning I started my day the usual way: egg whites with chicken sausage, onion, and jalapeƱo with a whole wheat english muffin. Taking care of some online clients this morning and then heading to the gym for Monday leg day! Make it a great one :)

PS- If you need a little extra motivation I do still have my Fit by Feb part 2 workouts available for just $25 (4 weeks of workouts + cardio). Just send the funds via Paypal to and I'll send them over! 


  1. Wondering what kind of turkey you use. It looks great! I love turkey meat but always try to watch my sodium intake as I seem to be pretty sensitive to it. Thanks!

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