Friday, December 12, 2014

Cardio is my Nemesis

Hooray for Friday! Today is actually a rest day for me, but yesterday I had a great workout minus the fact that I skipped cardio. Eek. I have only done cardio twice this week and my goal is four, so needless to say I know what I'll be doing this weekend. I'm trying really hard to stick to my Fit by Feb plan and things are going well in the lifting and nutrition department, so I don't want to let cardio keep me from my goals... even though it's the devil. 

This really just goes to show we all have our weaknesses and sometimes you just have to push through even when you don't really enjoy it. This is even more important this time of year since we all have tons of parties and get togethers, if you let your workouts or nutrition start to slip and then add in the extra Christmas goodies, you're looking for trouble. So, I'm doing my best to cook mostly at home so I can keep my nutrition on point-- above I had a scramble and toast for breakfast and a protein shake and some french toast post workout. 

It feels great having my energy back and the Fit by Feb workouts are definitely kicking my butt. If you didn't have a chance to grab those workouts I am taking on 2 more clients this month for my 12 week program and I'm always offering meal plans if anyone needs a little extra push or motivation! Shoot me an email at and we will get you started! 

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