Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Back to Normal

Let me just start by saying being sick is literally the worst. Since Sunday night I've been fighting a stupid virus (which of course you can't take anything for) that kept spiking my temperature and making me feel like poop. But last night I finally got a good nights sleep and and today I'm fever free, phew! After not being in the gym for the last 5 days you can probably imagine how crazy I was going soooo I got in a very slow paced shoulder workout today... but not before a great breakfast of course.

Today I did a egg/egg white scramble with green onion, jalepeno, turkey bacon, chicken sausage and topped it off with tomato. YUM! As far as my workout I didn't quite follow exactly as written in my Fit By Feb workouts because I thought that would be too intense for me after just being sick, but I do plan to pick up on those once I feel 100% again. B did do the leg workout though and said it was really really tough, so good luck!! :) 

I also wanted to share how the flank steak tacos turned out 

So so good! I topped them with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and lime juice. These will definitely be a staple around here because B absolutely loved them. 

Don't forget if you haven't purchased this months workouts yet they will be available til Friday! 

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