Friday, November 14, 2014

Arm Workout + Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday!! Since my birthday is on Monday (yay!) I have a super fun weekend planned so I knew I needed to get my workout in this morning, even though sleeping in sounded so much better. While I was at the gym my Timehop popped up on my phone and one of the photos from this day last year was the one on the right (below). Even though I was working back today I couldn't help taking a photo to compare my progress over the last year. Although the lighting is different I am so excited to see my triceps making some great progress! This made me think of the past year and exactly what I've done to keep my progress up, and the biggest thing that comes to mind is I just kept going. Sure, changing up your workouts, periodizing, nutrition, etc. etc. etc. is all important, but really the most important thing you an do is JUST KEEP GOING. Have I been perfect over the past year? Heck no. Could my progress be much more if I wouldn't have taken days off, drank wine, eaten In-N-Out and been more diligent about supplementation, sure! But guess what, I'm happy with myself because regardless of set backs, I kept doing my best. I guess my message is you don't have to be perfect to see progress-- so in the words of Dory the fish, just keep swimming :) 

I'll leave you guys with an arm workout to try over the weekend! 

(I've been focusing on building triceps so I do those first, if you would rather focus on biceps, do those exercises first) 

Skull Crushers 4 x 10
V bar pushdowns 3 x 12 
Single arm reverse pushdowns 4 x 10 
Overhead rope tricep extension 3 x 10 super set dips to failure 
Machine preacher curls 4 x 10 
Alternating hammer curls 3 x 10 super set seated curls 3 x 10 
Overhead cable curls 3 x 12 
Rope hammer curls 3 x 10 

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  1. Really excited to hear you're also working on shoulders right now. Definitely going to be following along your progress and love these workout shares. :)


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