Thursday, October 2, 2014

WIAW+ Chest and Shoulder Workout

{So, it's Thursday… and I thought I posted this yesterday, but I didn't. So, here ya go}

Gosh I'm so excited this week is just flying by, I have a fun weekend ahead! Tomorrow evening we have a family dinner for my sister and dads birthdays, Friday is my sisters birthday party (she's 21, holy cow) and then this weekend Bryan and I are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary up in Sedona (holy cow x 2). I'm trying to make it to the gym every day this week so that I can take the weekend off and not worry about it. 

Did anyone try yesterday's arm workout? My arms are SO sore today.  I whined myself through a chest and shoulder workout with B, and here it is!

Flat bench press 3 x 10
Incline dumbbell press 3 x 10 
Cable Flyes super set machine rear delt 3 x 12 
Cable shoulder press 3 x 10 last set drop set  super set with machine lateral raises 3 x 10 
Rope face pulls super set plate pushes 4 x 12 

And then of course, yesterdays eats! 

Breakfast- Ezekiel english muffin, half with cinnamon half with jelly, egg whites and turkey bacon 
PWO- Van's waffle with banana and a protein shake 
Lunch- chicken burrito made with salsa chicken on a whole wheat tortilla with lettuce and tomato 
Snack- buffalo turkey meatballs with quinoa/brown rice and green beans 
Dinner- Salmon with quinoa/brown rice and veggies 

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