Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spicy Turkey + Egg White Breakfast Burrito

When did it become Wednesday!? I've hardly had a chance to do anything on my computer besides meal plans so my apologies for the lack of posts or if I owe you an email, today's the day! I just finished meal 2, I'm going to head out for some shoulders at the gym and then I'll be glued to my computer the rest of the afternoon. But before that, I wanted to share these two simple meal ideas that require little prep but they taste awesome and can last you all week long. 

The main ingredient in both is ground turkey meat cooked with chopped onion and seasoned with taco seasoning. Any taco seasoning works, I just make sure I use one without MSG's. Once you have that made, you can make a simple little 'bowl' style meal (who doesn't love throwing a bunch of stuff in a bowl!?) with spinach, brown rice, and I later added some hot sauce. It's nice and filling, full of healthy carbs and protein and will keep you full for a good amount of time. You could also add things like avocado, black beans, corn, etc. 

I got home from work this morning and nothing was really sounding good but I knew I needed a hearty pre-workout meal. I reached for the turkey again and came up with this AWESOME breakfast burrito. Here's what I threw in the pan:
- frozen corn (let this cook a couple minutes first) 
- spinach 
- turkey 
- egg whites 
- salsa 

Once it was all cooked up I folded it up in a FlatOut wrap and doused it with some more hot sauce. Perfection! 

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