Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1 Year Anniversary Trip

Hello friends! If you guys follow me on Instagram you probably already know that B and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on Sunday in beautiful Sedona. I did my best to capture the day so that I could share it here with you! 

If you've ever been to Sedona then you know that cell phone photos don't even come close to capturing how beautiful it really is. The top two photos are the view driving in to town-- it's literally breath taking. The bottom two photos are from our hotel room at the Poco Diablo Resort where we got upgraded to an awesome room with an in-room hot tub and views of the golf course. 

After checking in we headed to brunch at L'Auberge which is basically the reason we planned the whole trip. Their brunch is right on a creek with huge green trees everywhere, plus it's unlimited food and drinks ALL DAY. 

And we may or may not have busted out the NFL app so that we could watch the Cowboys game in the midst of it all. Seriously perfect. 

I actually got full really quick (unfortunately) but I did get a great first round in that consisted of an egg white omelet, bacon, sausage, potatoes, tomatoes and fruit. Then after a long break, we had to go back to raid the dessert table. I'm not usually a big sugar person (give me french fries or hot wings any day though!) but just a couple bites of each definitely hit the spot. 

After brunch we went back to the hotel to relax, nap, and get ready for round 2… dinner! We went to Dahl and Diluca and had an amazing experience there. From the service, to the food, to the atmosphere we just absolutely loved it. 

And now, I'm going to the gym :) 

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  1. sounds like a great anniversary weekend! thanks for sharing!



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