Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIAW + Consistency

Hello! I'm running a little late with today's WIAW post, but I managed to get it together because I wanted to touch on a food related question I get asked a lot… How do you stay so consistent? 

I really had to stop and think about the answer to this, and I realized that I'm consistent because I don't give myself another option. It's kind of like when I look at my client that's an anesthesiologist and he tells me he's been awake and working for some insane amount of hours. How does he do it? He just does because he has to, it's part of who he is and what makes him happy, and it's his lifestyle. If you make healthy eating your lifestyle, as in you don't even pick up the chips, sweets, or sodas at the grocery store then you really have no other option than to be consistent. Sure you can enjoy some pizza or a burger now and then just like the doctor takes vacations but it's not an everyday thing which is what makes it fun and special. Just my two cents! 

Anyway here are yesterday's meals! 

Egg white omelet with ezekiel toast and turkey bacon 
Rice cakes with greek yogurt and berries 
post workout waffle and protein shake 
Flat out wrap with taco meat, corn and lettuce 
Chicken stir fry with brown rice 


  1. I would just like to see more variety and amount of raw vegetables in this menu.

    Consistency is key, for sure!! Thank you.

    1. Ya my taste for veggies comes and goes... Could be worse I guess :)


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