Wednesday, September 10, 2014

4 Ways to Avoid Blowing your Diet this Weekend

It's Wednesday, and unfortunately I don't have a WIAW for you… sorry! I've been sick this week with a really annoying cold and on top of my nose running like a faucet and my head being in the clouds, I haven't had my usual appetite. I'm pumping myself full of Wellness Formula and cold medicine so hopefully I'll be back to my regular routine soon. 

I did want to touch on something today that I've wanted to write about for a while now, and that is WEEKENDS. They seem to be everyone's arch nemesis and they shouldn't be! Almost every Monday I get an email from one of my online clients saying they blew their macros over the weekend and now they feel like they've set themselves back. Here are a few of my tips for staying (mostly) on track over the weekend. 

  • No empty fridges. I know a lot of us shop and prep on Sundays for the week but a lot of the time Saturday and Sunday aren't accounted for. Make sure when you shop you have all the essentials to get you through the whole week and weekend until you shop again. 
  • Save your cheat meal for the weekend. If you are someone that plans a cheat meal or two a week, save it for when you know you'll be out at a restaurant, birthday party, etc. As far as cheat meals go, I always tell my clients: If you look back at your week and can say you've been at least 80% true to your diet/macros, then a cheat meal is totally fine. BUT if you look back at your week and realize you had 2 pieces of pizza on Monday, went out for froyo on Wednesday and had 3 beers on Thursday, it's probably a better idea to skip the cheat that week. 
  • Get your workouts in. I know oftentimes people plan to take their rest days on Saturday and Sunday, but I don't necessarily think that's always the best option. Instead, take a day or two off during the week and use the extra time you have on the weekends to crush your workouts. Most people tend to stick more closely to their diets if they've already worked out that day-- so use the weekends to your advantage. 
  • Plan ahead. If you know you're going out to a certain restaurant on Saturday night take a look at the menu before hand and pull up the nutrition facts. Decide what will fit into your macros and what you want to splurge on. If you're going to have the burger, skip the beer. If you're going for a couple glasses of red, skip dessert. It's all about balance :) 

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