Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I Ate on a Rainy Wednesday (Tuesday)

Hey friends! We woke up to sunshine on this Wednesday morning, but yesterday that definitely wasn't the case. We had crazy rain that actually made national news because pretty much all of Phoenix was majorly flooded yesterday. I made it through the first downpour on my way back from training early morning clients, and when I got home I found these two snuggled in my bed, can you say spoiled? It looked like they had the right idea so I grabbed my laptop and hopped in bed with them to power through some meal plans before my leg workout. 

Yesterday was my heavy leg day and then later this week I'll do a lighter day with some ploy's incorporated as well. Since I've cut back on cardio my light leg days really challenge me because my heart rate stays up the entire time, and well- let's just say I can definitely tell I haven't done cardio in a while. Eek. Here's what my food looked like and after a quick MFP entry, it's about 1650-1700 calories give or take (I didn't measure!). 

Meal 1- Egg whites, chicken sausage, and Ezekiel toast 
Meal 2 PWO- 2 Van's gluten free waffles and an MRM protein shake 
Meal 3- Chicken, veggie, and brown rice bowl with sriacha 
Meal 4- FoldIt with Boars head turkey, lettuce, and turkey bacon 
Meal 5- Salmon, red potatoes, and broccoli 
Meal 6- MRM Chocolate casein 'soft serve' with Walden Farms caramel sauce 

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  1. I know that rain was crazy! I saw it on the news. Only is western KS could get that rain lol they need it bad! We've gotten a good bit more this year luckily (closer to KS city).

    But I needed this post today, and it's so refreshing! (as simple as it is) Like I said on FB, I love these posts! And one reason is because deep down I cannot get away from the fact that I love the "clean-eating" lifestyle; with posts like these and information that really taught me what that meant from the beginning up until now. I've been frustrated lately because of the especially popular IIFYM seems to be ever present in my social media feeds; and besides the all good things in moderation and treats/cheats, I just cannot justify "fitting in" all of the junk food and still claiming to live what truly is a "healthy lifestyle" ya know? It's off topic, but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate people like you that don't just jump on the fad-wagon because all the cool kids are. Hopefully doesn't sound like a vent/rant lol! Thanks girl! And you're looking great lately-- awesome gains!


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