Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shoulder Workout

A little late but here is the shoulder workout as promised (last week!). This one I went as heavy as I could and kept reps on the lower side. I also made sure to take my full one minute rest or more to ensure I was lifting the heaviest weight possible. I still can't press the 30's like I used to but I think I'm getting closer and stronger each week. If you really burn out your shoulders with the rotations at the end you will literally not be able to raise your hands above your head, which makes putting on your makeup after the gym very interesting! :) Good luck! 

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  1. I have been looking for a good shoulder workout so this is very timely for me -- thank you for sharing! I am a beginner runner training for a 10k and I tend to neglect strength training my upper body. You have been so inspiring to me, that I have decided to document my story as well. In case you are interested, here it is >> coloradokicks.wordpress.com

    Thanks again little B!!


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