Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back and Bicep Workout

Here's my killer back and bicep workout from today! Don't mind the lovely background in the photo :)

I'm finally feeling like I have my strength back plus some- for example I did all 4 sets of lat pulldown with 90lbs which is the most I've ever done. For a while I was feeling like I had skinny arms and that I had let all my hard work waste away but now I'm happy with where they're at again, thank goodness. It's comforting to know that with consistency your body will bounce right back after a little down time! I'm also focusing on eating more especially carbs and it's definitely been helping my muscles fill out again. I counted my macros yesterday and I'm right around 165-175g of carbs which may seem like a lot, but I lowered my fats to compensate and my body seems to be responding well. If you're in a rut or have been eating low carb for a while I highly recommend getting over any fear of carbs and embracing them- they're not the enemy! 


  1. Thanks Brittany, I was getting ready to work out back and biceps today and was looking for a workout and went to your page and Bam! thanks so much. also just wondering around how many grams of fat you are doing with your carbs at those numbers?

  2. Great job lady! You're looking awesome! I knew you'd bounce back in no time! I am a huge fan of high carb! I try to stick around 45% carbs, steadily increasing over time; I'm around 270g max (around 250 or so some days) and I LOVE it! :) I try not to add a whole lot of fat; but when I swapped it up back in the spring saw pretty good results too. Like you, I was used to seeing a lot of gains and consistent strength and definitely took a step back for a min. Keep killing it!


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