Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I Ate On Vacay!

Wow it's been a while! I decided to take a little time away from everything for the past week or so and I can say for the first time in MONTHS, I slept 8 whole hours last night. We got home from vacation yesterday afternoon and although my sleep was better while we were gone it still wasn't great. I'm not sure why, but I could tell as soon as I laid down last night that I was going to be able to fall right asleep, and I did. I started taking a chelated magnesium supplement last week which is really supposed to help so I'm wondering if it's that that's starting to have an effect or if I had just reached my breaking point but either way, I'll take it! After taking a week off of lifting I actually had energy this morning at the gym and got in a great shoulder workout. I really hope this lasts because it feels great to feel normal again. 
We had such a great time on vacation and were able to spend some QT with our best friends and my family- much needed! I'm often asked what I do as far as keeping nutrition and workouts on track while on vacation, so here it is: 

Nutrition: I just try to make the best choices I can while remembering I'm on vacation so eating some things I normally wouldn't is perfectly fine. As you can see above I had some great salads and sushi but also indulged in some fries and yummy drinks. Luckily for us my family eats healthy too so my mom stocked the fridge with eggs, turkey, chicken, almond milk, Ezekiel bread, peppers and nuts. We were able to much on this stuff while we were at the house and the rest of the time we ate at some of our favorite San Diego restaurants. The least healthy meal I had was on our last day at our favorite breakfast spot-- it's a hole in the wall kind of place that doesn't allow any substitutions so I had an egg scramble (full eggs) with bacon, potatoes, and an english muffin that was drenched in butter haha! It was really good but I do have to say I felt pretty blahh after, which is why I prefer to have little treats here and there versus an entire meal that is just super bad.

I also had some Quest bars with me for the drive out and traveling back, and other than that I just made sure to keep up on my water and I was good! 

Workouts: Typically I do try to find a gym nearby, but since I was in need of some time off, I took it. We went for a run on the beach one morning, rented beach cruisers one day, and pretty much walked everywhere else we went but no gym was involved. I feel like I gave my body a good break and I'm ready and full of energy to get right back in it. 

How does your nutrition and workouts change on vacation? Do you stay completely on track or allow indulgences? 

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  1. I see so many fitness and nutrition writers talk about their preference for Quest bars. Is there a reason these are better than others? Thanks!


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