Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beach Body Bulk Cooking

Gosh I don't know how it became Tuesday already, but here we are! B and I decided over the weekend that we are going to tag along with my family to San Diego this weekend so we have been in full on beach body mode for a few days now! Once we made the decision to go we both looked at each other and realized we've been pretty relaxed lately when it comes to eating out, drinking wine, etc. etc. and as of last weekend weren't really feeling the whole bathing suit thing. When we went grocery shopping we decided we were keeping it simple this week, eating at home only, and eating super clean. 

So, I did a dreaded bulk cook. I figured the easiest way for us to stay on track is to just have everything ready to go in the fridge so there is no temptation to grab a quick lunch or even worse just skip it or grab a bar. Surprisingly this only took me an hour and 20 minutes including clean up! 

I made tons of protein- grilled chicken, turkey burgers, taco meat, and not pictured is buffalo chicken and hard boiled eggs. I made two different types of veggies, grilled and stir fried, and also not pictured is a big ol' batch of brown rice. So far so good! Realistically are we going to make a big difference in a week? No, absolutely not. But I think that we will definitely feel better after eating this way for a week and at the very least lose the water weight bloat we both are carrying around. I'm drinking tons of water and making sure I get my cardio and workouts in every day even though all I can think about today is sleep :( 

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I turn all this bulk food into my meals for the day! 


  1. Meal prep saves me life!! Such a time saver and no fuss when it comes to meal time.

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