Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIAW: Finding What Works

Good morning! I'm up and at 'em after a full nights sleep- who would have thought! I've noticed my sleep is significantly better when I don't have clients really early so Wednesday's are usually my days to plug away at online programs and get through as many emails as I can. I've been trying out countless natural anti-anxiety remedies as well as natural sleep remedies hoping that I'll eventually find a combination that works for me. Interestingly enough my blood panels came back and everything was completely normal-- hooray! I did want to thank everyone again for all your tips and opinions I've looked into many of them and needless to say I've been single handedly keeping Sprouts in business ;) 

As far as food goes I'm still not counting macros just trying to provide myself with lots of variety and fuel for my workouts. Here's what my meals looked like yesterday: 

- Egg whites with spinach and 2 slices ezekiel toast with coconut oil 
- Egg whites with brown rice (I've never done this before, not bad!) and a piece of turkey bacon 
- Post workout shake- MRM whey, banana, blueberries, almondmilk 
- Turkey burger and salad 
- MRM casein heated up like a mug cake 


  1. hey glad you're feeling more relaxed! just a quick long after your post workout shake do you eat your next meal? as after a shake and some fruit (about an hour later) I have my next meal..purely cos a protein shake and some fruit don't keep me full for long! thanks gurl

  2. Hey, Brittany! I was reading through some of the comments people were leaving on your last WIAW post and saw where someone mentioned GABA to you. It works! If you haven't read or heard of The Edge Effect by Eric R. Braverman, you should check it out. A friend of mine that's into natural healing of the body recommended it to me years ago. It's definitely worth the read. Here's a link to it if you want to read about it


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