Thursday, May 1, 2014

Photo Shoot Picture & Mom's Workout Routine

We got our photos back! I absolutely love them all and I'm still so proud of my mom and happy she did this with me. My favorite one is below, I'll put the others up on my Facebook page tomorrow. 

A lot of you asked about her workout routine so I wanted to share it really quickly. As far as workouts go, she lifts about 5 days a week and goes for runs 3-4 days (clearly she didn't pass along a love for running to me…). She usually works out in my parents home gym which has a leg extension, lat pulldown, cables, bench, dumbbells, and barbells. 

Her nutrition is pretty simple- she doesn't count calories or macros she just eats clean and listens to her body. Here's an example of what her day looks like: 

Breakfast- Ezekiel english muffin with sugar free jelly and peanut butter 
Snack- Think Thin bar (her weakness!) 
Lunch- dinner leftovers from the night before 
Snack- Greek yogurt & rice cake with peanut butter and a couple cuties 
Post workout shake 
Dinner- The usuals are: turkey burger, tilapia with brown rice and asparagus, chili, taco salad with brown rice chips 

It's interesting comparing the two of us- she is about 2 inches taller than me, but the morning of the shoot we weighed exactly the same. Though our bodies are similar we definitely carry our weight in different places, but one thing that is alike is we both put muscle on our arms very easily. 

Anyway, if there's anything else you'd like to know from her, let me know I'm sure she would be happy to share! 

Photography: James Patrick 
Tank tops: Firedaughter 
My shorts: Under Armour


  1. Has your mom done Jamie's 12week program?? or does she just do her own workouts?

  2. You two are such an inspiration!

  3. Seriously...the improvement in your booty is impressive! Way to reshape your bottom!

    1. Ditto, noticeably fuller on your back side! Lookin good!!

    2. Oh boy you have no idea how excited I was to read those comments ;)

  4. Does your mom run on the days she lifts and takes 2 complete rest days from everything? Or will she run on her rest days? I lift 5 days a week also and like to go for runs here and there, but never know the best way to incorporate them into my workout routine.

  5. You and your mom completely look like you're sisters! Amazing! You both look great!


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