Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Favorite MRM Supplements

I'm often asked about what supplements I take and I haven't done an update on that in a while, so here we go! 

If there is one thing I would want you to try the most out of this entire list, it's this Casein. IT TASTES SO GOOD! I just got my first tub a couple of weeks ago and it is literally the perfect cure for a late night sweet tooth. It's cookies and cream flavor and I've used it  in a shake, as pudding, and as a mugcake and absolutely love it. Casein is great to have before bed since it's a slow release protein-- I find that when I don't have it before bed I'm more likely to wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning super hungry. 

I've been using the MRM all natural Whey!/~/product/id=6288471 for a while now and love it for a few reasons- It mixes really well in shakes and it also bakes well too. I've tried baking with a lot of different protein powders and some of them are just plain terrible-- this one is perfect and I use it in all my baking. I like the vanilla flavor because it's the most versatile and if I ever have a craving for chocolate I just add a little unsweetened cocoa powder. 

I have the BCAA's + Glutamine in both the pill and powder form-- I prefer to take the capsules after my workouts and if I happen to just be doing cardio, I'll use the powder in my water. If I'm feeling super sore or I had a killer workout that day I'll also take some before bed to help with recovery. 

CLA is a fatty acid that you can find in dairy and meats but only in small amounts. Some studies have also shown that it can aid in fat loss- always a plus! 

And lastly Relax-All is great for knocking you out at night! Whenever I take two I get super super sleepy, it's definitely my go-to on nights I'm struggling to sleep (which is every night!).  


  1. I've heard great reviews about MRM products. Too bad they don't have anything for lactose sensitive people. Lots of dairy products in your delicious looking recipes too :(.
    I normally use Biochem 99% lactose free whey powder, but out of curiosity I bought the rich vanilla MRM protein powder. Denial about my lactose intolerance did a number on my stomach. My husband is using it so it did not go to waste. He loves it. I've read about some of your digestion issues and wonder if your problems are due to all the dairy you ingest? The suffering and bloating problems hardly seem worth it to me.

    1. Ya they're products are great quality. I actually just had testing done last week and absolutely no dairy allergies showed up at all. The only dairy I ever eat is protein powder and Greek yogurt anyway but looks like I may be able to venture out more if I would like!

    2. Oh! I've read several posts where you say you are lactose intolerant. So you're not after all? SWEET! Dairy is such a complete source or protein. I wish I could handle it.

    3. I was tested long ago and it came back positive-- it wasn't until Monday that I knew it no longer shows up as an allergy for me.

  2. Does the MRM Relax All make you groggy in the morning? I have taken melatonin before and i am always sooo groggy the next day!

  3. To help me reach my desired body fat percentage my trainer had me go off all whey or casein protein powders because they are processed and because she says dairy has lactose ( a sugar) which keeps the body from burning fat more efficiently. I reached my goal as soon as I did cut out all dairy, it was a happy surprise! I ate more lean protein like fish and egg whites, etc. But I think if you're just trying to maintain weight protein powders are a great idea.

  4. I work out often and I really enjoy it. My supplements definitely helped revitalized my enthusiasm for working out.

  5. Nice collection, supplements are useful in weight gain. I am also taking hulk supplements and I am very agree that they place important role in gaining weight which you want fast. But the thing which should be clearly understand is that the supplements are of good quality and from genuine manufacturer.


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