Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why I Do What I Ate Wednesday

First things first, head over to my Facebook page and enter to win a tub of MRM whey! 

Now on to what I ate Wednesday, on Thursday :) 

Before I jump into the food, I want to make sure you all understand why I do these posts. (Hint: it's not because I like to take pictures of my food.) I do these so that you can get an idea of not only how much I eat, but what kinds of foods I eat on a daily basis and how I spread my macros out throughout the day. You can also compare what my meals look like when I'm trying to build versus when I'm trying to lose. 

Lately I've found that since I'm working out later in the day, I tend to be really hungry in the afternoon/evening and not so hungry in the morning so I've adjusted my meals accordingly. My 2 first meals were almost the same, egg, sweet potato, and spinach in one and chickens sausage in another. I love this meal because it's low in calories/macros but is pretty filling so it's great to get me through the morning.

I threw the recipe for this up on my Instagram page, it's so easy and SO tasty. 

I also have this easy chili recipe up on Instagram as well. It's only 5 ingredients and I've been making it every Sunday to eat throughout the week. B tops his with some low fat cheese and I like adding avocado and shredded lettuce. 

We finally got a new fancy grill (well B got it for his birthday but let's be honest, I'll use it 10x more than he will!) and I'm so excited to start grilling again. I made turkey burgers that came out SO good-- I mixed in onion, jalapeño, and mushroom and then seasoned them with Lawry's seasoning. I had a big salad on the side with some roasted green beans. 

I wrapped up the day with some crockpot buffalo chicken (crockpot, chicken, buffalo sauce, cook on low for 5 hours) and broccoli. I actually bought some frozen broccoli and have definitely been eating more of it than I thought I would. It's obviously so much more convenient than chopping, cooking, and cleaning the fresh stuff and it tastes good too. I just sprinkle a little salt and pepper on it and I'm good to go. 

How has your meal planning been lately? Do you tend to stay consistent or is it hit or miss? 


  1. Thank you for your meals and your recipes! In regards to your lifting workouts, do these meals cover PWO? Do you have a shake after lifting in addition to these meals or are these whole foods your PWO? Do you do anything for Pre WO? Thank you Little B!! :)

  2. The crockpot chicken sounds Ah-mazing! I love checking out your WIAW for some simple quick ideas- I feel as though you & I cook alike. I literally just posted fried eggs & sweet potatoes as my favorite breakfast. :)

  3. Hi Brittany, I love all your post, I was just wondering I always see you put Sweet Potatoes in your breakfast eggs.. and I have done this a few times and it is very tasty! Just wondering approx how much sweet potato do you eat in that meal? Normally when I eat breakfast if I am eating oatmeal with eggs I use 1/3-1/2 cup Oats so not sure how much sweet potato I would eat, I always did about 4 oz but yours looks like there is a lot more than that!! Just curious. Thanks Deb :)


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