Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

- First I have to start by saying SORRY for posting a photo of my meatballs and not sharing the recipe. How dare I!? 

It's really just the same recipe as the buffalo meatballs except I add 3 basil leaves, chopped and 1 T italian spices. I cook them the same way as I do the buffalo balls and then I just add them to marinara sauce instead of buffalo sauce. Viola! 

- I need all of you to please check out this post. He took the words right out of my mouth! Remember fitness is a journey, and if you take shortcuts to your final destination- you'll never make it. So, my advice is to just enjoy it, enjoy the pain, enjoy the DOMS, enjoy the small victories.

- I got an email this week asking about competing, if I had ever done a competition or if I plan to. I haven't done one and I literally change my mind every day as far as competing goes. It's not something I've committed to, but it's also not something that is completely out of the picture. If I ever decide to though, you all will be the first to know, promise!  

- My workouts have been quite a bit different lately than they were while I was trying to put on muscle, so I thought I would share today's workout with you!

- Make sure you stop by my Facebook page next week, I'll be doing another awesome giveaway with MRM!

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