Monday, March 10, 2014

Summer Ready and Cheat Meals

Here we are, week 4 of counting calories, cleaning up my food and adding in that dreaded cardio. (And yes, it's still not fun.) I've been weighing myself once a week, not because I'm a big fan of the scale but so that I can know how my macros should be tweaked. Although I weigh once a week I only tweak my meal plan every 2 weeks if needed because your body needs time to respond and let's be honest- I want to eat as much food while doing the least amount of cardio possible. Changes have been slow, slower than I had hoped or expected actually. BUT I'm sticking to my plan of doing this slowly, and doing it the right way. No cutting carbs, carb cycling, low calorie, or excessive workouts. Sure, I have numbers I want to hit, muscles I want to pop, but to be honest I want those things that way for a while- months. And I know that in order to be 'summer lean' alllllll summer long, drastic measures won't work. So, I'd rather it take a little longer and be more sustainable than dropping a bunch of body fat at once and then having it creep back on quickly. Plus, I'm not trying to look like a competitor or anything, just look toned and healthy! 

I'm also doing something over the next month or so that I've never done before… cheat meals! Ahhh. 

I've never been a cheat meal person, because truthfully I don't feel like I need them. I don't crave bad foods often and when I have a goal in mind it's easy for me to say no. In the past I'd allow some drinks as my cheat, but since there will be no drinking until Easter (and B is a big fan of the whole cheat meal thing) I decided, eh why not!? Although my calories are not low by dieting standards, they're definitely lower than they were a couple months ago, so I figured one meal with a little spike is going to be fine.  

After keeping meals nice and clean all day (egg white omelet and Ezekiel bread, Quest bar, greek yogurt and berries with PB) and getting in a great leg workout, I let B pick the place for our first cheat. I knew it would be Zipps because they have his favorite burger of all time.  

I went with a lettuce wrapped turkey burger and fries, lots of fries. It was between the burger and wings but to be honest I really wanted the fries and sweet potato chips, so burger it was. 

For these cheat meals, I'll still be eating whole foods- aka not going to down a box of pop tarts or cookies. And since I have gluten and dairy sensitivities I'll probably try to stay away from those too, mostly :) 

When we got back I took this cute girl for a long walk and did a little food prep, definitely ready to tackle this week! 

Do you do cheat meals? Do you plan them or just let them happen? 


  1. Yum! A burger/fries would be my cheat meal as well!

  2. Love it! I did a show in October and in an effort to maintain (not show lean, but no rebound effect) I have been ever so slowly adding macros week by week. It's tough but a much less restrictive way to tweak your diet. I have recently been adding in "free" meals because I hate the negative connotation that goes with "cheat". Basically like you, once a week I will go out and enjoy a nice meal and not worry about it, but I make sure not to go overboard either!

  3. Is there a particular reason you are adding a cheat a week? (Just curious because you say you really don't crave them) I see so many girls doing the cheat meals and wondering if they serve a purpose other than adding balance to their life. Is it a way to increase your metabolism? Thank you in advance! I am pregnant and can't wait to get back into shape once baby arrives and was wondering about these cheat meals and if it's something I should incorporate :)

    1. People usually do them for one of two reasons: first because it helps keep them on track without feeling deprived. Second is when dieting, your leptn levels tend to drop so having a meal high in calories boosts these levels and gives you an insulin spike. You can think of it as running a marathon and taking shots of red bull every so often- just to give you a little boost.

  4. my cousin ran during her pregnancy. I'm like I can hardly run or rather i dislike cardio and i'm not pregnant. if i ever got pregnant, not sure if i could do what she did.

    also, for me i have two cheats a week, like a chocolate truffle or a meal.


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