Monday, March 24, 2014

Food & Fitness Weekend

I don't dread Monday's anymore, so when I say Happy Monday! I mean it :) Cheat meal number 3 was on Saturday and after lots of thought we decided you can't go wrong with pizza. 

Luckily for me gluten and cheese free is an option at B's favorite pizza place so that's exactly what I got. I topped mine with chicken, pepperoni, and jalapeƱo and may or may not have eaten all of this +1. 

In my defense, I had a high rep leg day and cardio earlier in the day… so needless to say I was ravenous. We enjoyed our pizza on B's moms patio since the weather in AZ is so amazing right now. We never really had a winter and these 80 degree days are sticking around much longer than they usually do so I'm trying to suck up every last minute of it before it's insta-sweat and 110 degrees. 

Speaking of enjoying the weather, my mom and sister met me early Sunday morning for their first hike up Camelback mountain. My mom is actually a great hiker and likes to climb and do crazy stuff while you can find me trucking right along the beaten path. I was SO surprised and happy yesterday when I realized how easy the hike was for me compared to the last time I went in November. I just about died the last time and yesterday was a complete 180- let me tell you, it felt great. As much as I don't like cardio I can see it's benefits in more ways than one. 

After a little recovery and cranking out some meal plans, I did some meal prep of my own. My schedule at the gym is starting to fill up more and more each week so prepping on Sundays is becoming more important. So, I made big batches of sweet potato and red potato, banana protein muffins, plain shredded chicken (crockpot, chicken broth, salt, pepper, 5 hours) and green tea. I also made turkey meatballs for dinner and have plenty of those leftover too. 

We're cranking up the intensity this week with workouts and adding another day of cardio so that'll be 3 days of HIIT (15 minutes) and 2 days of steady state (20 minutes). Even though I don't like it I would rather do a little more cardio and keep my calories higher because something I hate more than cardio, is feeling hungry! 

Are you ready for the week!? Don't forget to enter my MRM giveaway on Facebook, today's the last day to enter!


  1. Pizza is the BEST "cheat" meal ever! (:

    Question, what do you typically do for your HIIT training? Ex - 30 secs on, 30 off? Or do you perform your intervals differently? Just looking for some ideas!

  2. My only question is why I have I never thought to make chicken in the crockpot with just some broth before? Genius! Plus then the flavor is light and you can add it into different dishes throughout the week. Do you use chicken breasts or a whole chicken?

    1. Haha yep exactly! I do chicken breasts :)

  3. I just had a slice of pizza, I have't have pizza in over 6 months now.

    1. Was it as amazing!? I hate when I eat something that I haven't in a long time and it disappoints!


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