Monday, March 31, 2014

Eating Healthy On The Go

 Hi friends and happy Monday! Today is a happy day for me because I realized we're officially less than 3 weeks away from Easter which means less than 3 weeks until this girl gets to have a glass of wine again. Yep the countdown has begun… 40 days is a bit longer than I had anticipated but I'm still going strong! 

You know what else is almost here? Summer! Which means it's time to tighten up that diet and get your bod swimsuit ready. One of the most important things that many women lose sight of is feeding yourself enough calories to lose weight. Remember if your body is starving, you're not going to see the results you're after-- and if you do see results, they won't last long! I know it's not easy to pack full on meals with you everyday, so here are some of my favorite snacks for on the go: 

What are some of your go-to's when you're busy and just don't have time to eat? 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Night Meal Ideas

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I can plan out dinners Monday- Friday like it's my job, but for some reason I get a major mental block when it comes to Sundays. I either forget to pick something up at the store or just don't bother to plan anything, so I decided I need to do something about that! Sunday dinner is a great way to end the week on a positive note and get ready for the week ahead- with plenty of yummy leftovers.  I put together 13 recipes from that have inspired some new meal ideas- I hope you'll find them helpful too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

A little late with today's post, it's been a busy one! First, thank you to everyone who shared some of their progress photos on my Facebook page yesterday, they are so so awesome to see, not to mention incredibly motivating! I'm excited to share more of my before and after photos with you since trying to lean out a bit over the past 6-7 weeks, and also more about my training program. Hint: I'm working with Mr. James Wilson on some pretty cool stuff! :) 

Started the day out early with egg whites, sweet potato, and avocado. I later doused this is tobasco and low sugar ketchup. 

I had a quick pre-workout snack that consisted of oats, berries, and protein powder and also threw in some psyllium husk for added fiber. If you guys haven't tried adding this to your oats, you might want to think about it. It makes your oats nice and thick and doesn't really taste like anything at all. 

Post workout I decided to have oats with almond milk instead of mixing them in with my shake. I was having a hungry day and for some reason eating them this way keeps me fuller longer. My shake was just 1 scoop of MRM all natural whey, 2 strawberries, cinnamon, stevia, and ice. 

Next up was my favorite meal of the day I don't' know why I'm so hooked on this, but I am! Greek yogurt, strawberries, cinnamon, stevia, and a drop of Walden Farms chocolate sauce and then 2 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon toast on the side. 

Chili with lots and lots of hot sauce. :) 

And lastly a homemade chinese chicken salad! Could not believe how yummy this was, but I have to save the recipe for something else I'm working on… so many secrets haha :) 

Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Progress Pictures- Why They're Important

I know selfless are all the rage right now, but in all seriousness do you guys take progress pictures? If you don't I highly encourage you to! You don't have to share them and no one needs to see them but you, but they can be the best form of measuring your progress. 

I scrolled back on my Instagram to find this comparison and I was so pleasantly surprised. Sometimes you think you're putting in so much hard work and results are slow or small, but then you look at two pictures side by side and realize just how far you've come. 

It's also worth noting although the scale is one way to measure progress, it is by no means the most important way so move past that number! I've been focused on leaning out for about 6-7 weeks now and the scale has only dropped about 2 lbs but my body is changing every day. How do I know I'm making progress if the scale isn't budging? Progress pics! Do it. Take them. Love them. :) 

I'd love to see your progress! Post them on my Facebook page in the comments section of this post, let's help motivate ourselves and others! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Food & Fitness Weekend

I don't dread Monday's anymore, so when I say Happy Monday! I mean it :) Cheat meal number 3 was on Saturday and after lots of thought we decided you can't go wrong with pizza. 

Luckily for me gluten and cheese free is an option at B's favorite pizza place so that's exactly what I got. I topped mine with chicken, pepperoni, and jalapeño and may or may not have eaten all of this +1. 

In my defense, I had a high rep leg day and cardio earlier in the day… so needless to say I was ravenous. We enjoyed our pizza on B's moms patio since the weather in AZ is so amazing right now. We never really had a winter and these 80 degree days are sticking around much longer than they usually do so I'm trying to suck up every last minute of it before it's insta-sweat and 110 degrees. 

Speaking of enjoying the weather, my mom and sister met me early Sunday morning for their first hike up Camelback mountain. My mom is actually a great hiker and likes to climb and do crazy stuff while you can find me trucking right along the beaten path. I was SO surprised and happy yesterday when I realized how easy the hike was for me compared to the last time I went in November. I just about died the last time and yesterday was a complete 180- let me tell you, it felt great. As much as I don't like cardio I can see it's benefits in more ways than one. 

After a little recovery and cranking out some meal plans, I did some meal prep of my own. My schedule at the gym is starting to fill up more and more each week so prepping on Sundays is becoming more important. So, I made big batches of sweet potato and red potato, banana protein muffins, plain shredded chicken (crockpot, chicken broth, salt, pepper, 5 hours) and green tea. I also made turkey meatballs for dinner and have plenty of those leftover too. 

We're cranking up the intensity this week with workouts and adding another day of cardio so that'll be 3 days of HIIT (15 minutes) and 2 days of steady state (20 minutes). Even though I don't like it I would rather do a little more cardio and keep my calories higher because something I hate more than cardio, is feeling hungry! 

Are you ready for the week!? Don't forget to enter my MRM giveaway on Facebook, today's the last day to enter!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Housewife Glamour

I decided today is a great day to link up with miss Heather over at Housewife Glamour and run through some things that I'm loving right now! If you guys don't follow Heathers blog, you should. She's the cutest not to mention she's a dancer for a professional basketball team which was always my dream when I was little! 

My first favorite came in the mail a couple days ago after ordering it from iHerb-- side note: that website has everything under the sun. Anyway I've contemplated buying Walden Farms products a hundred times and always decided against it since they're sweetened with Sucralose, but I finally gave in. This stuff is crack. I came up with this little connection yesterday… greek yogurt, strawberries, cinnamon, stevia, and ZERO calorie chocolate syrup. Can you say heaven? My goodness. 

I'm also loving this MRM BCAA powder because unlike the Walden Farms it's sweetened with Stevia (hey, moderation right?) and it also doesn't have that awful BCAA taste that a lot of the powders have. This has a very slight lemonade flavor but it's not overwhelming at all and absolutely perfect to sip during workouts. I give it an A+.

Easy dinners are #3 on my list and easy dinners made on the grill means one less dish, even better! I made salmon for the first time in a long time since we have our new grill now and I've definitely missed it. I seasoned it with lemon pepper and then squeezed fresh lemon on it once it was cooked. I roasted some veggies with Lawry's seasoning and also made the Seeds of Change brown rice/quinoa. 20 minutes and one baking sheet to clean and that was that! Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or flavorless. 

And lastly, you may want to sit down for this one. I'm reading a book. 
I think the last time I read a book for fun was…. never? I know, I'm terrible but Natalie Hodson mentioned Brene Brown a couple weeks ago and after I watched her Ted talk I was hooked. I immediately ordered Daring Greatly from Amazon and finally broke it open last night. It's about having the courage to be vulnerable… something I am 100% terrible at. Loving the book so far, and I can't wait to get farther in to it- I have a feeling I'll be buying some more Brene Brown books in the near future.  If you buy it, make sure you watch her Ted talk first, because then you can totally  imagine her personality and tone as you read the book. 

That's it, my four Friday Favorites :) Let me know if you enjoy these types of post and I'll definitely do them more often! Happy Weekend! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why I Do What I Ate Wednesday

First things first, head over to my Facebook page and enter to win a tub of MRM whey! 

Now on to what I ate Wednesday, on Thursday :) 

Before I jump into the food, I want to make sure you all understand why I do these posts. (Hint: it's not because I like to take pictures of my food.) I do these so that you can get an idea of not only how much I eat, but what kinds of foods I eat on a daily basis and how I spread my macros out throughout the day. You can also compare what my meals look like when I'm trying to build versus when I'm trying to lose. 

Lately I've found that since I'm working out later in the day, I tend to be really hungry in the afternoon/evening and not so hungry in the morning so I've adjusted my meals accordingly. My 2 first meals were almost the same, egg, sweet potato, and spinach in one and chickens sausage in another. I love this meal because it's low in calories/macros but is pretty filling so it's great to get me through the morning.

I threw the recipe for this up on my Instagram page, it's so easy and SO tasty. 

I also have this easy chili recipe up on Instagram as well. It's only 5 ingredients and I've been making it every Sunday to eat throughout the week. B tops his with some low fat cheese and I like adding avocado and shredded lettuce. 

We finally got a new fancy grill (well B got it for his birthday but let's be honest, I'll use it 10x more than he will!) and I'm so excited to start grilling again. I made turkey burgers that came out SO good-- I mixed in onion, jalapeño, and mushroom and then seasoned them with Lawry's seasoning. I had a big salad on the side with some roasted green beans. 

I wrapped up the day with some crockpot buffalo chicken (crockpot, chicken, buffalo sauce, cook on low for 5 hours) and broccoli. I actually bought some frozen broccoli and have definitely been eating more of it than I thought I would. It's obviously so much more convenient than chopping, cooking, and cleaning the fresh stuff and it tastes good too. I just sprinkle a little salt and pepper on it and I'm good to go. 

How has your meal planning been lately? Do you tend to stay consistent or is it hit or miss? 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Should I Track Macros to Reach my Weight Loss Goals?

Since I started online training I've received lots of emails asking about macros and if it's really necessary  to count calories and macros. Here's a quick breakdown and some questions for you to consider! 

What does tracking macros mean? 
If you track macros this means you are keeping track of how many grams of protein, carbs, and fats you are consuming each day. Tracking macros requires you to plan out your meals, use measuring cups and scales to make sure you're eating the correct amounts, and laying off any mindless eating or snacking completely. (Unless you want to track 3 almonds here and 4 tortilla chips there.) As long as you're eating the appropriate macros for your body, you will mathematically and scientifically reach your goals. 

Does this mean I get to eat whatever I want as long as I hit my macros? 
Technically yes, but let me explain. 

On the left is 275 calories of buffalo meatballs, sweet potato, and veggies. One the right is 1/2 a big mac, which is about 275 calories, but has double the fat. The meal on the left was my lunch over the weekend and I honestly had a hard time finishing it-- so much food! I think 1/2 a big mac would be all of 4 bites… full? I don't think so. My point is that you can technically eat 'whatever you want' but when you're eating fast food, processed food, and packaged food your macros are going to add up really fast and you won't be eating nearly as much food as you would if you chose clean, whole foods. 

The good part here is that if you do want something that is not so healthy, you can work it into your macros for the day and it's not going to be a setback. You'll find though, this is hard to do while still eating the volume of food you're used to with clean foods so I only recommend this as a once in a while thing. 

Why should I track macros versus just eat clean/healthy? 
This is the biggest thing to consider when you're deciding between tracking macros and not. If you're someone that is just looking to be healthy overall and are not as concerned about being lean or 'toned' then just eating healthy is a perfectly fine route. However, keep in mind that even if someones diet is 110% clean and healthy they can still gain weight. This is because an abundance of any macro nutrient regardless if it's healthy for you or not can cause weight gain. When you're tracking macros you avoid over-eating by weighing and tracking your food so that you can hit that magic number for your body. 

If you're someone that is looking to get lean, or even just looking to get past a plateau you may want to consider tracking macros at least for a while. 

I get really bad cravings but eat really clean, can counting macros help stop this? 
Why, yes it can! Just because you're eating healthy doesn't mean you're eating the right amounts of food, and eating too much of one macro and not enough of another can not only lead to weight gain, it can also cause cravings. If you're not eating enough healthy carbs that may be the culprit in your sweet cravings at night. If you're not eating enough healthy fats, that may be the reason you dream about chicken wings and cheese fries. Tracking macros ensures you're fueling your body properly which will likely stop your cravings altogether. 

I've heard people become obsessed with tracking macros, is this true?
Becoming obsessed with hitting a certain number is definitely a possibility, but honestly a little bit of pre-planning is all it takes to avoid this. If you can take 5 minutes to plan out your meals the night before, you'll already know exactly what you're eating the next day which takes out any guess work or thinking period. 

I want to give it a shot, how do I get started? 
Well, fancy you ask! I would love to help :) Shoot me an email at and become a part of my online training team. If you're not quite ready to make the jump, there is lots and lots of information on how to track macros online, so I encourage you to do a little googling and give it a shot! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

- First I have to start by saying SORRY for posting a photo of my meatballs and not sharing the recipe. How dare I!? 

It's really just the same recipe as the buffalo meatballs except I add 3 basil leaves, chopped and 1 T italian spices. I cook them the same way as I do the buffalo balls and then I just add them to marinara sauce instead of buffalo sauce. Viola! 

- I need all of you to please check out this post. He took the words right out of my mouth! Remember fitness is a journey, and if you take shortcuts to your final destination- you'll never make it. So, my advice is to just enjoy it, enjoy the pain, enjoy the DOMS, enjoy the small victories.

- I got an email this week asking about competing, if I had ever done a competition or if I plan to. I haven't done one and I literally change my mind every day as far as competing goes. It's not something I've committed to, but it's also not something that is completely out of the picture. If I ever decide to though, you all will be the first to know, promise!  

- My workouts have been quite a bit different lately than they were while I was trying to put on muscle, so I thought I would share today's workout with you!

- Make sure you stop by my Facebook page next week, I'll be doing another awesome giveaway with MRM!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday, and Veggies!

A couple weeks ago I realized I had been pretty bad about eating my veggies lately (mostly out of laziness) and I told myself I would focus on including them in more meals. If you read last weeks What I Ate Wednesday, you probably noticed veggies were pretty slim. I just haven't been feeling them and I make sure to take my vitamins and greens so I think I'm covered as far as nutrients go. Anyway,  I got a comment asking if "I really only ate veggies once a day". I couldn't help but laugh for two reasons- 1. Why in the world would I lie about being a horrible veggie eater?! and 2. I had just told myself I needed to eat more and totally got called out. So, for whoever anonymous was last week, thank you because you made me get butt in gear! 4 out of 6 meals is a big improvement. 
Here's what my veggie filled day looked like: 

- Egg white omelette with spinach, onion, and mushroom and 2 pieces Ezekiel toast 
- The return of oats! Oats, strawberries, protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon and stevia. 
- Buffalo meat balls with sweet potato and broccoli 
- Chicken, sweet potato and a side salad 
- Dinner was tomato basil turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash and broccoli- If you're one of my online clients, this meal may look familiar :) 
- I wrapped up the day with a little casein, peanut butter, and almond milk blended with ice. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Summer Ready and Cheat Meals

Here we are, week 4 of counting calories, cleaning up my food and adding in that dreaded cardio. (And yes, it's still not fun.) I've been weighing myself once a week, not because I'm a big fan of the scale but so that I can know how my macros should be tweaked. Although I weigh once a week I only tweak my meal plan every 2 weeks if needed because your body needs time to respond and let's be honest- I want to eat as much food while doing the least amount of cardio possible. Changes have been slow, slower than I had hoped or expected actually. BUT I'm sticking to my plan of doing this slowly, and doing it the right way. No cutting carbs, carb cycling, low calorie, or excessive workouts. Sure, I have numbers I want to hit, muscles I want to pop, but to be honest I want those things that way for a while- months. And I know that in order to be 'summer lean' alllllll summer long, drastic measures won't work. So, I'd rather it take a little longer and be more sustainable than dropping a bunch of body fat at once and then having it creep back on quickly. Plus, I'm not trying to look like a competitor or anything, just look toned and healthy! 

I'm also doing something over the next month or so that I've never done before… cheat meals! Ahhh. 

I've never been a cheat meal person, because truthfully I don't feel like I need them. I don't crave bad foods often and when I have a goal in mind it's easy for me to say no. In the past I'd allow some drinks as my cheat, but since there will be no drinking until Easter (and B is a big fan of the whole cheat meal thing) I decided, eh why not!? Although my calories are not low by dieting standards, they're definitely lower than they were a couple months ago, so I figured one meal with a little spike is going to be fine.  

After keeping meals nice and clean all day (egg white omelet and Ezekiel bread, Quest bar, greek yogurt and berries with PB) and getting in a great leg workout, I let B pick the place for our first cheat. I knew it would be Zipps because they have his favorite burger of all time.  

I went with a lettuce wrapped turkey burger and fries, lots of fries. It was between the burger and wings but to be honest I really wanted the fries and sweet potato chips, so burger it was. 

For these cheat meals, I'll still be eating whole foods- aka not going to down a box of pop tarts or cookies. And since I have gluten and dairy sensitivities I'll probably try to stay away from those too, mostly :) 

When we got back I took this cute girl for a long walk and did a little food prep, definitely ready to tackle this week! 

Do you do cheat meals? Do you plan them or just let them happen? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday- Summer Ready Week 3

Week 3 here we go! I'll start this week out by noting that today is Ash Wednesday and to keep myself accountable I'll also tell you I'm giving up alcohol for lent. Zero, zip, not even a sip! 40 days, here we go! 

I made a small change to my meal plan, lowered it by about 100 calories to get a little jump start on fat loss. I cut my whole egg out of my breakfast and then just needed about 30 more calories from another meal, no biggie. 

Breakfast number 2 was 2 pieces of Ezekiel toast and some more egg whites. After this meal I hit the gym for some back and bis and gosh, higher reps really get me! It's so much more challenging for me to get through the workout and I'm SORE! Really sore. 

Post workout I did Greek yogurt, pumpkin/flax cereal, and berries. I also mixed in a little MRM protein powder to up the protein a bit. 

A super plain salad with turkey taco meat on top for a snack. To be honest this didn't keep me full very long at all, but then again there wasn't a whole lot to it. I notice now that I've started eating a lot more carbs, if a meal doesn't have carbs in it, it hardly keeps me full. 

I made a big batch of salsa chicken that will last throughout the week for lunches and snacks- last night I just had mine with some brown rice. I love mixing this chicken in with egg whites, putting it on salads, or making tacos! 

Are you giving up something for lent? Or maybe adding something new to your life? 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Puma Workout Wear

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA. 

Since switching up my training style the last couple of weeks, I have to admit I've been kicking my own butt in the gym. Higher reps and less rest plus cardio leads to a great butt kicking every time. Luckily, Puma sent over some new gear for me to try out and I've been putting it to good use! 

I got the Bubble XT shoes, the Gym Loose Top, Gym-alicious sports bra, and Gym ACTV Power Tight. The top might be my favorite just because of how unique it is, it's loose and allows you to move but also wicks away sweat so that you're not a wet mess by the end of your workout. Both the crops and sports bra have strategically placed athletic tape inside which actually micro massages your skin to help with stimulation and energy supply- how crazy is that! 

Then there are the shoes, I'll admit when I opened them up I was a little taken back just because they are so bubbly! I wore them on a leg day and they are so light weight and easy to move in, definitely perfect for doing deadliest.

And last the ACTV crops. They have a pink layer under the purple that shows through when you walk or bend and the tape inside keeps them put during your whole workout. They are honestly the coolest crops I've ever seen. 

Thank you a million times Puma! 

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