Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

Happy President's Day to all my U.S. readers- hopefully you're enjoying a day off! Today marks the day that my eating and workout regimen gets tweaked so I do have to admit I enjoyed lots and lots of awesome food this weekend. We ate out quite a bit more than we normally would, but since it was B's birthday weekend we made the exception. 

Everything from prime rib to protein pancakes and it was all soooo good. We rounded out the weekend with some take-out brown rice sushi and a red box which was just what we needed after a packed couple of days. 

I'll have a vlog up for you guys tomorrow with some things that I'll be changing up to get ready for bikini season. I have 10 weeks or so until we are heading down to Mexico for a little vacay, so it's definitely time to kick it in to gear! As nice as it's been to be more relaxed I'm actually pretty excited to buckle down a little- there's no better feeling than watching your body change day by day after hard work and dedication! 

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