Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

Hello hello! It's Monday and if you're a regular around here you probably already know where this post is headed :) A quick snapshot of my food, fun, and fitness filled weekend! 

We'll start with the good stuff! I didn't do a very good job of capturing my food over the weekend but I did get a couple good shots- homemade green juice, Chipotle and a yummy Sunday morning breakfast. It's been so long since I've had Chipotle, mostly because for some reason it usually tears up my stomach but since we were both craving it yesterday I held my breath and just went with it, and luckily made it out alive. There's just something about Sundays that makes me feel like not cooking at home so breaking this up into two meals was just the right solution.  

Except for a little Friday afternoon wine indulgence, our weekend was pretty calm. Like I mentioned on Friday, we've both been fighting colds so we did our best to rest and relax this weekend which of course meant staying up to date with all the Olympic happenings. Gosh it's addicting! 

And last but not least we did make it to the gym this weekend and although I can't say they were my best workouts I'm definitely feeling them today. One week from today is when I'll switch my routine up to get rid of some of this winter fluff and I haven't decided yet if I'm excited about it… I have to say I quite enjoy eating whatever (well, you know) whenever but I know I'll also enjoy the results I get after cracking down and being a little more strict on myself. Hey, if it was easy everyone would have a six-pack right? :) 

Are you changing up your winter routine soon? 


  1. My winter routine and eating habits need to change. Something about the cold makes my workouts less intense and my indulgents a little to frequent.

  2. Look at those bi's, so jealous! I hope you post your cutting workouts. I'm looking forward to shedding some of my hibernation fluff once the weather warms up.

  3. I agree with Kate please post your diet goals and cutting workouts! I am in desperate need of shedding the winter fluff... and looking for new ideas!!

  4. Looking for new ideas to lose fluff too! Just loved your blog - so motivational!


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