Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Fun & Food

Hello friends! I'm sure a few of you are moving a little slow after Super Bowl festivities yesterday which means it's time to load up on water and clean eats! Here's a peek at what our party looked like…

So much amazing food! Everything from tacos, to lobster and filets, homemade beef jerky and lots of sweets- it was awesome.

In addition to the fun yesterday, Saturday my sister, B and I headed up to the Phoenix Open to enjoy some sunshine, golf, and friends. It's one of those events we all look forward to all year and it was definitely a ton of fun but I'm definitely ready to hit the gym hard this week. Only 2 weeks left until I switch into fat burning mode so I need to make it count! 

Hope you all had a great weekend too! 


  1. So that's bacon in a bloody mary...?? Can you please share your recipe for that? Do you make your own mix? I would score so many points with my husband if I presented him with a bloody mary WITH bacon in it!

    1. Haha we actually grabbed those before we headed to the party at a restaurant :) But yes, bacon in bloodies is the best!


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