Monday, January 20, 2014

You Win Some You Lose Some

Happy Monday! Hopefully many of you are relaxing today and enjoying a day off in honor of Mr. MLK! I'll be plugging away getting some new online clients set up this week, but I do get to work from home today which means I may or may not still be in my gym clothes from this morning. Gross! 

I'm liking this new Monday post I have going on, it helps keep me accountable over the weekend because lord knows I can't always have a post like last week! This weekend I tried a few new things, one of my favorites being the pasta dish we had on Friday night. This was actually a pinterest recipe that I tweaked just a little and I even added the parmesan cheese (gasp!). For those of you that are lactose intolerant or sensitive, parmesan actually doesn't have that much lactose in it so you might give it a try! 

And here is my hodgepodge of random meals throughout the weekend. On the left is our new favorite thing- an egg scramble with rosemary red potatoes. We just can't seem to get enough. Top right is just a random quick meal I threw together when we decided to stick to our plan of not eating out this weekend. It's just ground turkey, onion, and bell pepper and I added some chipotle spices. I also threw in some brown rice/quinoa and a side salad and the flavors actually went together really well. Lastly bottom left is dinner from last night and my first time trying (or even hearing of) langastino. Anyone? I guess they are a mix between a shrimp and a lobster-- all I know is they were quite tasty sautéed with mushroom and onion! 

And here was our weekend fail. We've been wanting to make our own bloody mary mix with our juicer for a long time so this weekend we decided to give it a go in hopes of having a nice homemade bloody mary while watching the Seahawks lose. Well, they tasted terrible! We followed a recipe I found to a T but they just tasted like straight up tomatoes. Not what we were going for. And the Seahawks won. Double fail! 

Have a great day!! 

Has anyone made bloody mary mix at home and had it turn out? Recipe please! ;) 


  1. Seahawks for the epic win!

  2. You can use the v8 recipe from fully raw Christina she has a you tube recipe then from there make your bloody marys, her v8 juice was really good I don't drink so not sure how to make the rest...good luck

  3. Haha except they WON!!! WOOOO so excited go hawks!!!!


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