Friday, January 10, 2014

Back, Bi's, and Breakfast

Have I mentioned I'm trying to build muscle? It's been quite the process but after yesterday's back workout I think I'm finally making progress, at least with strength. 

I started the morning out with a little creation made by chef B. Leftover rosemary red potatoes with sausage and eggs. It was great to switch it up a little and throw in those red potatoes instead of sweet potato. They also gave me lots of energy when I went to lift… I hit 2 PR's yesterday! 90 lbs on both pull downs and seated rows, 6-8 reps on each. Woo hoo! I think the true test of muscle growth will be once I lean up a bit and take my next round of photos with James Patrick. Comparing myself to the year before is so fun and even more rewarding. 

I have a few more months until my goal sneaks up on me, but until then I'm going to keep lifting my butt off! 

Here's what the workout looked like: 

6 to 8 reps of each
Bent over row
Pull downs 
Seated row
T-bar row 
Standing barbell curls 
Preacher curls
Cable curls 


  1. Awesome PR girl!!! Looking STRONG!!!!!! Woop whoop. Quick question. What do you like to do for Abs these days? I need some new stuff for Abs. Have a wonderful weekend and LOVING these for frequent posts. If time permits I love your videos/vlogs too ;0).

  2. I definitely need to do some new videos it's been a really long time! For abs, nothing special really yesterday I just did cable crunches, side bends, and bicycles. I keep it simple :)

  3. Your upper body already looks superb!! I'd just focus on the lower body now, to create as much symmetry and balance as possible.

  4. Where is that cute tank from?! I love working out in pink!

  5. Hi Britanny! I have been following your blog for about 2 years now (while I was pregnant) and now I'm starting to live and understand what healthy and fit living can do for me. I have a question and was hoping to get your advice. I did a new workout on Saturday (booty/hamstring lifting), and I'm really sore today (my hamstrings mostly). Should I resume with my leg work-out on Monday at my normal pace, or kick it down a notch? I am stretching in the meantime.


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