Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Fun

Hello and happy day after Christmas! Actually, the day after Christmas is actually kind of sad, don't you think? All the fun is over! I had intended to have a stellar What I Ate over Christmas Eve and Christmas post today but as you'll see, there's not a single food picture- what a terrible blogger I am! I was honestly having too much fun with the fam to remember to take pictures before we ate, but I did manage to snap some great ones of us. 

Christmas Eve started off by taking our nephew to go see the Nutcracker in Downtown Phoenix. I thought it was SO good, but I was a dancer for many years so I think I appreciate it just a little bit more :) 

Then we were off to Bryan's moms house for our first Christmas Eve with both sides of the family. Everything worked out perfectly and we all had a blast. 

 We then spent Christmas Day at my parent house, with lots of lounging and napping involved. It was such a great couple of days and I'm sad it's over, but only a couple more days until we are off to our mountain vacation... can't wait! 

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  1. THE FUN IS NOT OVER YET!!!!! We still have NYE and NYD! Then it starts getting sad, lol! For me, I didn't actually celebrate XMAS yet, so I am still kind of excited, lol - Your photos only get me that much more excited because I see how happy you and everyone in your family are, and I will be that way tomorrow and Saturday! :) xoxoxo - Merry XMAS!


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