Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Holiday Back and Bi's Workout

I don't know about you guys, but I think the best workouts come after a meal or two with a few too many carbs. Anyone else with me? :) 

We hit legs pretty hard yesterday and then got a great back and bi's workout in this morning. As usual, lift as heavy as you can and take about a minute rest in between each set. Focus on slow and controlled movements and pay special attention to your form. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Fun

Hello and happy day after Christmas! Actually, the day after Christmas is actually kind of sad, don't you think? All the fun is over! I had intended to have a stellar What I Ate over Christmas Eve and Christmas post today but as you'll see, there's not a single food picture- what a terrible blogger I am! I was honestly having too much fun with the fam to remember to take pictures before we ate, but I did manage to snap some great ones of us. 

Christmas Eve started off by taking our nephew to go see the Nutcracker in Downtown Phoenix. I thought it was SO good, but I was a dancer for many years so I think I appreciate it just a little bit more :) 

Then we were off to Bryan's moms house for our first Christmas Eve with both sides of the family. Everything worked out perfectly and we all had a blast. 

 We then spent Christmas Day at my parent house, with lots of lounging and napping involved. It was such a great couple of days and I'm sad it's over, but only a couple more days until we are off to our mountain vacation... can't wait! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Photo Shoot

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that I took a fun little trip this weekend! I flew up to Utah on Saturday morning to work with James Wilson on a photo and video shoot for an upcoming project that he's working on. 

It was quite the weather change from 70 degree Arizona but I have to admit it was nice seeing some snow! 

Thanks to Lisa, we were able to shoot in a beautiful gym in Salt Lake and she was able to jump into a few shots too, love her! Here are a few more behind the scenes pictures, so excited to see how they all turned out. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Than Just a Healthy Body

So I'm not a huge fan of "serious" posts, but after thinking about it for the last couple of days, I think this one needs to happen-- if for no other reason than to just get my thoughts out and hopefully be able to look back at this post one day and see how far I've come. [Sidenote: before reading this please know I didn't write this post to hear complements about myself, in fact I don't want that. Because then that means you've missed the point!]

Here's the thing: I have a goal in mind. I know what I want my body to look like one day, that day that I get to a point of maintenance. (Not to say one day I'm going to be the champion of the world who reaches her ultimate physique goal and is then stuck goal-less for the rest of her life. But, I do think a day will come where I'm just happy with where I am and I won't need to lean out, or gain muscle, at least for a little while.) And I also know that it's going to take me a while to get there. Not only is it going to take a while, it's going to take hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, all of which I'm completely okay with. The part that's got me not feeling myself right now is that in order to reach my goals, I have to let go of feeling and looking a certain way, at least for a little while.

It's pretty simple, in order to put on muscle (especially on a small person like me) I have to bust my butt in the gym, lift heavy,eliminate cardio and eat eat eat. In the muscle building process it's extremely hard for me to maintain the leanness I have in the summer or around photo shoots because I'm eating at a surplus in order to gain muscle. So, for the past couple of years I have gone through "phases" where I will try to build muscle over the winter months and then switch into fat burning mode as spring starts to roll around. It's a great plan that has been working, but it's during those winter months (NOW) that I find myself struggling.

I'm uncomfortable. Any time I gain, it's in my core and since I have a short torso to begin with it makes it 10x worse. I don't like that my obliques don't pop. I don't like that I don't have the vertical line down my abs. I hate that I can grab back fat. It kills me.  Knowing what being lean feels like is almost a curse because I want to feel that way all the time, but I know realistically that isn't possible. Such a mind game.

Now to be honest, I think I've only put on about 5-7 pounds, some of which is muscle, all my clothes still fit, and chances are people that see me every day don't notice much of a difference, but that doesn't mean I don't feel it. I know what I'm doing, I know why I'm doing it, and I keep reminding myself of the process every time I get down on myself-- but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have days that I just want to say F it, and go do some cardio!

This process makes me realize that there is so much more to 'health' than just eating right and working out. To be truly healthy, you have to have a healthy mind too. I love that I'm gaining muscle, I'm getting stronger, and nurturing my metabolism and the temporary side effects that come with that are just that: Temporary. Now I just need my mind to accept that and be okay with it :)

This process also makes me realize there are a lot of life processes outside of fitness that can make you feel this way... the feeling of being a little uncomfortable for a period of time in order to reach a goal. I'm actually in the middle of this in another aspect of my life, but that's a different post!

With the holiday season upon us, I'm going to try my best to count my blessings and be happy with my body- a little extra fluff and all. I'm going to be thankful that I even have the opportunity to go through this process-- that I have the knowledge, commitment, and strength to do it. That I have access to the healthy foods that fuel my body and mind and make it possible for me to reach my goals. And for the support that I have and people constantly lifting me up. I know it will all work out in the end and I just need to enjoy the ride through the ups and the downs, because in the end the ups and downs is what makes achieving the goal that much more fulfilling.

I have a feeling I'm not the only one that may feel this way, whether it relates to fitness or not, so I hope this post can help those of you that may be second guessing yourself and just know you're not in it alone!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Ate (rest day) Wednesday

So glad I was able to join the What I Ate Wednesday party today, unlike last week... 12 hour work days will really getcha! 

We took a rest day yesterday which meant sleeping in and ultimately feeling lazy all day, anyone else have that same experience? For some reason getting up at 4:40am and working out gives me so much more energy throughout the day versus getting up after 6am and not working out. Gotta love endorphin's. 

I get asked about what the difference in calories is on workout days versus non workout days. Really, the only thing I change is having a PWO meal/shake- on days I don't work out I leave this out which ultimately lowers my overall calorie consumption by about 200-300. 

Breakfast- Egg whites 1 whole egg with 2 pieces Ezekiel toast and chicken sausage. 
Snack- Jamie Eason cinnamon swirl protein bread- I had 4 pieces but only remembered to take a photo when I was down to my last piece!
Lunch- Chili over lettuce/spinach with bell peppers and jalepenos
Snack- (Have I mentioned I'm recently on an egg white kick?) Egg whites with 2 brown rice cakes topped with peanut butter and sugar free jelly.
Dinner- Bison burger with almond cheese, tomato, and a side salad.
And there may or may not have been half a broiled Quest bar in there before bed. If you haven't done this, especially with the cookie dough flavor-- oh my, you need to try it! 

Monday, December 16, 2013 Contest is LIVE!

Thank you so much to everyone that was brave enough to submit your photos for this contest! To say they are motivating is a HUGE understatement- the achievements you've all made are amazing and I really hope that together we can keep each other motivated this holiday season!

Make sure you visit my Facebook page and vote for your favorite transformation by 'liking' the photo. If you're the person who has submitted, a friend of someone who submitted, or you're just touched by a particular story, share the album on your wall and ask for others to vote as well- the photo with the most likes will win! The contest ends Friday at 9pm MST... best of luck to everyone! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

  • The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Nutrex Hawaii. 
With all the buzz on motivation lately (PS have you sent in your photo's for my contest?) I thought I would share a few things that help keep me motivated, healthy and on track during the holidays. 

1. Be prepared-- with all the sugary treats around it's even more important to be prepared during the holidays. This means hitting the grocery store with a list of your meals for the week, prepping your food, and making sure you always have a go-to snack/meal on hand. 

We actually didn't make it to the grocery store over the weekend, so although we were tired after a long Monday, we got it done yesterday and it honestly is such a relief to have a stocked fridge- my favorite! 

2. Have a plan- don't just go to the gym aimlessly, know what your plan of attack is before you get there. This way you are making the most of your gym time and getting the best results too. If you need help with a new workout plan- contact me for online training! 

3. Take your vitamins and supplements- I can tell you first hand after being sick for the past 10 days, this one is a must! Something I have recently added to my lineup of supplements is Spirulina. Nutrex-Hawaii was kind enough to send over lots of green goodies for us to try out and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful things Spirulina does for you! In just one 3g serving, you get 60% protein, Vitamins A, K1, K2, B12, Iron, Manganese, and Chromium, Phytonutrients, and Hawaiin Spirulina has more nutrition per gram than any other on the market.

Here are some more fun facts:

• Strengthens the immune system 
• Boosts energy levels
• Supports cellular health 
• Supports cardiovascular, eye and brain health
Hawaiian Spirulina is packed with nutrients, gram per gram it has:
2800% more beta-carotene than carrots 
3900% more iron than spinach 
600% more protein than tofu 
280% more antioxidants than blueberries 

Click here to sign up for Nutrex Hawaii deals 
Use promo code HOLIDAY30 for 30% off through 12/31
For healthy spirulina recipes, click here 

What are some things you do to stay healthy during the holidays? 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wedding Photos!

Better late than never! Here are some of our wedding pictures, I'll get an album with more up on Facebook soon! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Motivation Contest with!

I'm not sure about you, but I've noticed a big trend lately in the blog and social media world and that trend is MOTIVATION or lack thereof. I know it can be really tough this time of year, you get busy, there are more temptations, and you get to wear sweaters and leggings every day. I can completely understand this, but it doesn't have to be that way! Use those extra calories to push a little harder in the gym, and don't dig yourself into a hole before the new year. 

I'm teaming up with for a contest that will hopefully  motivate and inspire others while also offering an AMAZING prize! 

Here's how it works: 

1. Email me ( your before/after photos with a small blurb on you, how long it took, and how you did it. You will have until next Thursday to submit. 
2. I will upload these photos to an album on my Facebook page and leave it open for voting for one week. You can use this week to share your photo and try to get as many likes as you can! 
3. The picture with the most likes will win and receive: 
$100 worth of supplements
and the sweatshirt and pants above hand picked by me! I own that sweatshirt and it is the best. Talk about an amazing Christmas present to yourself! 

My goal is to have these amazing before and after photos motivate and inspire others to get out of their funk and make some big changes NOW!  And remember, you don't have to have a huge weight loss story, maybe you just decided to live a healthier life and tighten up a bit-- that's super motivating to me! It's all about putting yourself out there to help others and winning some awesome prizes while doing it. 

I'm SO excited for this and can't wait to see your photos! 
*edit: This is open to men and women, if a male wins, I will choose new clothing! *

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIAW & A Quick Calorie Count

Today marks 3 weeks 'til Christmas. THREE WEEKS! That also means my 'growing' time is more than half way over and as you can tell from my eats yesterday, I'm trying to kick it up a notch in the eating department. 

I've been lifting heavy and consistently but I'm not quite seeing the gains that I'd like which really means one thing... I'm not eating enough. I plugged this in to to benchmark where I'm at, and this ended up being 1740 calories, which is a bit under the 2000 that I'm aiming for. 

PWO- Protein shake and a Vans Waffle
Lunch- Egg white scramble with sweet potato and Applegate turkey sausage 
Dinner- Southwestern meatballs from this months Oxygen Mag
Snack- about 1/2 a cookie dough Quest bar before bed :) 

Did you check my post yesterday to see if you're a Quest bar winner? 

Make sure you stop by tomorrow because I am teaming up with for something super fun! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Exciting Announcements- Personal Training & Quest!

Ahh this sore throat is killing me! On our drive home from Disneyland I started getting this annoying sore throat and haven't been able to kick it. I took Sunday and Monday off from the gym but got my butt in there this morning- mostly because it just drives me nuts when I take too many days off... anyone else the same way? 

Anyway, I suppose the sore throat was worth it because we had so much fun at Disney! 

I'm also VERY excited to announce that I started personal training nights and weekends at a private studio here in Phoenix (well, Gilbert actually) and we are offering an amazing deal for December. If you've been thinking about hiring a personal trainer, now is definitely the time to do it and I'd love to have you! 

Please email me- if you are interested or have any questions at all! 

And last but not least, here are the Quest Bar winners! 
From Instagram: @thesweet15 (Lexis)
From the blog: Kaitlyn Colpitts
Trisha Pagnutti

If you are one of the winners, please email me with your address within 48 hours- If I haven't heard from you by Thursday, I will have to choose a different winner! 

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